You are what makes Eden remarkable.

Eden World is a community of inspiring visionary couples.  

We stand for you, your relationship and your life thriving.  Join a network of beloveds, whom, like yourself are dedicated explorers of consciousness, love, success, wealth, community, leadership, and social change.  

When someone you love sponsored you to join the Eden World community, they gave a gift to Eden as well as a gift to you. Your perspective, experience, and innovative way of loving your partner are unique gifts to the Eden World community. Those gifts were made possible because someone recognized the Eden values in you and invited you to come check out what we are up to at Eden.   

Come on in, and take a tour of our Garden… our Eden World.


  • Couples who “need” Eden to rescue their relationship
  • Couples who are more committed to conflict than to seeing themselves
  • Couples who primarily want to promote themselves or their work
  • Couples who are in the consideration of breaking up


  • You are a committed couple who have been together for over a year
  • You an in a great relationship and are excited to make it even better
  • You see great value in being with other conscious couples and having them support your relationship
  • You’d like more outside support than each other and you each welcome the support of community and resources in your lives
  • You’re hungry for a tribe of peers at your level that get you and are able to enrich and support you
  • You operate at a ‘give’ frequency and believe you have important gifts for the Eden community
  • Couples who raise the quality of conversation and interactions around them
  • You are visionaries and leaders in your communities that don’t have many places that you trust where you can let go, be yourself, get vulnerable and truly do the deep work you know is required of/for your greatness
  • You see your relationship as the crucible for your evolution and your partner holding the key to your greatest development