SALON RECORDING: Playing with Power

SALON RECORDING: Playing with Power

featuring Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers! This dynamic couple will be sharing their genius on how to safely explore the hidden power dynamics in your relationship to find deeper intimacy with your beloved, in their presentation called “Opening the Door to Playing with Power in Your Coupledom”
How to create an intentional container within your coupledom to explore hidden power dynamics.

Methods for cultivating deeper trust and intimacy through leaning into your edges around power and surrender together.

Realizations about the unconscious power dynamics that keep you struggling in the limitations of past traumas and conditioning.

How to use domination and submission to find greater freedom, more vibrant play, and deeper love with your partner.

Your hosts Matt Cole and Betsy Finkelhoo will be guiding us in a fun way to receive the potency of what’s being shared!