Our arms are open to more exquisite couples like you.


A Sanctuary to Evolve Your Relationship.  

Eden World is a community of conscious, committed couples expanding, evolving and enjoying love.

Someone you love has nominated you to join our community and we are delighted to have a chance to meet you. 

Every couple in Eden World is here because they have been nominated by someone in the existing community for their dedication and commitment to being the best they can be, both in their relationship and in the world.

We are honored to have you here and welcome you to join our network of beloveds, whom, like yourself are dedicated explorers of consciousness, love, success, wealth, community, leadership and social change.  

Say YES to this special invite by accepting your nomination and consider joining us for our upcoming live, virtual experience- REIMAGINE happening October 2nd-4th.


Experience Evolutionary Partnership In Action

REIMAGINE is a virtual experience designed to connect and deepen our bonds with everyone in our community and a great way for you to begin to get to know what Eden is all about.

Alongside inspiring speakers and some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts we explore a new model of partnership in the modern world and create friendships that last a lifetime.

During this live virtual experience you’ll be invited to participate in two sessions each day that include art, music, multimedia, interactive polls, extraordinary facilitators, honest dialogues, deeply intimate and engaging breakout groups, a guided ‘date night’, an online party, profound insights for yourself and your relationship, a connection group you’ll dive deep with throughout the weekend and a place for your coupledom to be expertly held and celebrated.

We have created a highly curated space for you to let down your guard, surrender into the arms of the beloved and unravel all the conditioning and false pretense that can make relating harder than it needs to be as we reimagine ourselves, our relationship and our world together.

Accept your nomination and learn more about this special gathering on the next page.