Assume The Best and Choose To Love

In a world often quick to judge, there’s a powerful principle that encourages us to take a different path—one that’s rooted in kindness and empathy. 

This is principle #9… “Assume the Best” 

Let’s explore the positive impact of embracing the “Assume the Best” principle in our lives. Here’s a video clip from a past Wisdom Jam, where Derek & Galit, co-creators of our principles, share their take on what the principle “Assume The Best” is to them…

“Assume the Best” isn’t just about optimism. It’s about striking a balance between criticism and forgiveness. When someone dear to you stumbles, it’s like extending a hand to help them up while acknowledging their misstep.


Just like Gandhi’s wisdom, “Love the sinner, hate the sin,” Assuming the Best encourages us to grasp the reasons behind actions while holding people accountable. It’s a harmony between recognizing patterns and believing that with the right guidance, we all can do better.


The journey of “Assume the Best” begins within yourself. It’s an expedition to uncover your inner selves, an exploration of the aspects you might not fully embrace, those that carry guilt, shame, or fear. 

As you cultivate self-compassion, you create room for personal growth, shedding old habits and beliefs that holds you back. By accepting your imperfections and understanding their origins, you become more attuned to others’ struggles. 


This self-discovery becomes a bridge to viewing others through a lens of understanding, rather than quick judgment.


“Assume the Best” extends beyond ourselves into our interactions with others. When faced with someone’s missteps, it’s about pausing before jumping to conclusions. Instead of immediate condemnation, we consider the possibility that their actions may be driven by their own challenges.

In your relationship, this principle becomes a catalyst for healing. It’s a gift you can extend—a willingness to hold space for those you care about, even when their actions perplex us. Through this, we cultivate an atmosphere where barriers crumble, allowing for genuine connections to flourish.

In essence…


“Assume the Best” is a guiding light, leading us to a place where empathy and growth walk hand in hand, reminding us that every one of us is part of a shared human journey.


If this intrigues you and you want to know more about “Assume The Best”, then join us for the next Wisdom Jam: Building Bridges Of Trust. 

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