Hey there lovely twosomes!


Are you ready to write an amazing love story?


Well, it’s time to pick up that pen, or in this digital age, to start typing… one chapter at a time.

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of bad love stories out there. And often, we model these stories after what our parents or society tells us is “right.” But the truth is, we can get stuck in a love story that doesn’t fit us like a glove. And that’s where the funk sets in.

Through research and working with our community of couples, we’ve found that our unconscious beliefs and old patterns can wreak havoc on our relationships. They can lead to breakups, resentments, and just plain old garbage that we don’t need in our lives.


So, how do we fix it?


It’s time to revisit, rewrite, and reclaim our love stories. That means digging deep into our beliefs about sexuality, communication, and even money (yep, that’s a big one!).


And here’s the secret ingredient: prioritize your time together as a couple.


If you don’t work on your relationship, it’s like a plant without water – it’s gonna die. So, make sure you’re examining the big topics – money, sex, communication – and all the other important things.

In short, it’s time to throw out the old playbook and start writing your own love story. It may take time and effort, but trust us, it’s worth it. Let’s create a love story that’s truly our own.

Join us here at EdenWorld and let’s rewrite your love story one chapter at a time.

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