Be Here Now

Let’s talk about “Present Awareness.” 

We are thrilled to share a remarkable insight from a recent Wisdom Jam. In this enlightening event, Derek and Galit, members of the Wisdom Council, unveiled their profound understanding of Present Awareness.

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Present Awareness isn’t a conscious effort to be present, empty the mind, or force a sense of presence. Instead, it’s an immersion into the miracle zone – a state where every moment resonates. It’s not about struggling to define it; it’s about embracing what is here and now.


Imagine greeting your pain with hospitality. Just as you’d offer tea to a guest, you acknowledge pain and other emotions. This simple act, born from personal experiences, strengthens your roots. Even amidst challenges, awareness becomes a wellspring of resilience, deepening like a tree’s roots.

Picture this, the unyielding elements of life; rocks, clay, and hard layers, are met with unwavering presence. By persistently nurturing your presence, you create a fortress that remains impervious to fires, storms, and winds. This steadfast foundation is key.


It starts with embracing your emotions, feelings, and experiences. By directing your attention to them, you initiate a transformative journey. Through this process, present awareness becomes a catalyst, leading to profound shifts that unfold, layer by layer.


When you tend to your own feelings, you liberate yourself to be present with others. It’s a joyful and miraculous step, even in the face of pain. This inward act of self-love is the same  as securing your oxygen mask first – a necessary prerequisite before extending care to others.

In essence, it boils down to this timeless wisdom… 

Be Here Now.

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