Choose Kindness & Assume The Best


Are you interested in upleveling your relationships through the power of the Eden World’s principle “Assume The Best”?


In one of our past Wisdom Jams, Tracey, a valued member of Eden World’s Wisdom Council, shared her take on the concept of “Assume The Best” and its potential to enrich your relationships.

Check out what she had to say…

Tracey highlights that “Assuming the best” is a deliberate effort to foster understanding and eliminate judgment, blame, and contradictions in our interactions. It’s a practice that requires you to consciously work, refraining from crafting stories about others and yourself, and avoiding blanket generalizations that shape your narratives about the world.

Humans often make assumptions in everyday talks, like saying “it’s always like this” or thinking everyone’s the same. These assumptions become our stories about us, our partners, families, and the world.


The essence of “assuming the best” lies in giving yourself and others the benefit of the doubt. 


It’s not about being perfect, just giving kindness and understanding.  

This principle encourages you to step out of the confines of preconceived notions, allowing room for genuine interactions and authentic connections.

The principle “Assume The Best” has the potential to profoundly impact the way you relate to yourself and those around you. By embracing this mindset, you can be part of an environment filled with empathy, understanding, and open communication.


Join us at the next Wisdom Jam for couples and let’s explore the transformative power of the principle “Assume The Best.” 


Save your spot for our upcoming gathering hosted by the Eden World Wisdom Council and embrace the principle of “Assume The Best” in your relationship. 

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