“What we appreciate, appreciates.” 🌟

  • Lynne Twist, author of “The Soul of Money,” 

This profound quote not only applies to our personal lives but also resonates deeply with the idea of building strong relationships and communities. 

Let’s explore the transformative power of appreciation and generosity through the Eden World principle of “Giving Frequency”.

When we love someone or something, it’s important to give our attention or appreciation to that person or thing so that we can keep the energetics in circulation. If we take more than we give in any scenario, it puts things out of balance. 

Giving back is a way of replenishing the coffers of things and people that we love. 

Take a moment to reflect on this concept in your personal relationships.


Are there aspects of your relationships that you’ve neglected, not invested in, or overlooked? 


If so, then consider where you can be more generous and give from a place of abundance. Whether it’s financial matters, intimacy, or family.

For example, imagine this scenario…

Your partner has had a tough day, but you’re overflowing with energy and positivity after an invigorating spinning class. How can you embrace the giving frequency and support them without overwhelming or annoying them? 


Perhaps it’s offering a listening ear, suggesting a relaxing walk, or sharing a calming breathing exercise. The key is giving from a surplus, where your cup runneth over.


The Giving Frequency is one of the twelve principles of Eden World, and it beautifully encapsulates the essence of generosity and community.

“When we are in the spirit of generosity, it feeds the part of our soul that longs to be connected and feel supported as an expression of valuing self and others. We share what we have- our gifts or our resources or our overflow in order to uplift one another. Through this generosity, bonds are created and we weave together the fabric of a community that transcends self-interest.”

This principle emphasizes the importance of  what we call “we-conomics” over “me-conomics.” While the latter focuses solely on individual gain, the former considers the greater good… the well-being of the community, the planet, and humanity as a whole.

Balancing Me and We

As we talk about “we-conomics”, it’s crucial to strike a balance between self-care and giving to the collective. Sacrificing your well-being for the sake of others isn’t sustainable. Instead, aim to include yourself in the “we” equation by securing your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Taking care of yourself enables you to give from a place of abundance, benefiting both you and your relationships.

In summary, the giving frequency encourages us to give from a place of abundance and appreciation. It’s about creating a positive cycle where energy, love, and resources flow freely, nurturing both ourselves and our communities. By embracing this principle, we can strengthen our relationships and contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate world.

We’d love to hear your experiences with the Giving Frequency. 


Where have you been able to give from your abundance? Where can you give more to yourself in order to be able to contribute more to those around you?


Share your insights and stories. We’re here to listen and learn together.

If you want to learn more about this principle and how generosity can be transformative in your relationship, join us for our next Wisdom Jam.

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