Embarrassed By Your Partner’s Expression?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your partner says something and you’re caught off guard, thinking, “What on earth are you saying?”

Maybe you give them a nudge or a playful jab, because you’re either feeling embarrassed or trying to uphold a certain image.

And, even if it hasn’t happened with our partner it’s something we’ve all experienced at some point from a parent or sibling or even a bestie. 


We all express ourselves differently and sometimes it doesn’t sit well with others, especially our partners. 


Luckily, we’ve discovered a way to navigate this challenge. 

We’ve made a conscious effort to embrace our Full Sovereign Expression….

Which means that we consciously choose to not assign meaning to our partner’s words as a reflection of our relationship or how others perceive us or… to worry about what others might think.

Now, this is an ever evolving practice for us, but it’s one we do our best to uphold. 


So, where do you find yourself holding back your partner’s expression? And where can you simply allow them to be their authentic selves? 


Perhaps next time you get embarrassed by a loved one’s expression, you might look within to see what’s really going on for you and then later decide if it’s supportive to offer gentle suggestions for improvement.

So why not give it a try? 

We invite you to try this approach. Embrace the challenge. Dare to let your partner be fully expressed, while still refining each other with grace. 

Together, let’s foster an environment where both of you can grow and express yourselves freely.


If you want to dive deeper into expressing yourself fully, don’t miss the opportunity!


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