How do you embrace Full Sovereign Self-Expression and what does that mean?

In this video from a past Wisdom Jam, Rono, one of the Co-founders of Eden World shared his wisdom. 

According to him…

To truly embody your Full Sovereign Expression is to forge a profound connection with your inner self, fearlessly embracing every facet of your being. It’s about nurturing and empowering every part of yourself to flourish and find its unique place in the world.

Eden World was born from a simple yet powerful desire – to create a space where love can flow freely, without any judgment. A sanctuary where affectionate exchanges between couples are not just accepted but wholeheartedly celebrated.


Today, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you and your partner to embark on a journey of Full Sovereign Self-Expression. 


This path goes beyond mere individual growth. It involves both you and your partner to embrace your authentic selves. In doing so, you’ll breathe life into the very essence of divine love and contribute to shaping a world that benefits all.

Of course, embracing Full Sovereign Expression demands courage

It means you can be unapologetically and authentically yourself, even when it leads to moments of messiness and differences. Yet, within these contrasts lies the fertile ground for your healing, growth, evolution, and the excitement of new experiences.

We invite you to join us on this liberating path of exploration, where authenticity and genuine connections merge to create a world of boundless possibilities. 🌎💫


Are you ready to take this transformative leap?


Save your spot for the upcoming gathering for couples hosted by the Eden World Wisdom Council. 

Visit EdenWorld.org/wisdomjam to learn more and secure your place. 💖💬🌟

Embrace your Full Sovereign Self-Expression and unlock your true potential.



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Relationship sits at the center point of all human creation. How we are in relationship determines how we are as a society. When relationships thrive, humanity prospers. Eden offers a container, a sanctuary, a home to practice being in sacred union with ourselves, our beloved and each other. By taking complete responsibility for ourselves and living in our full sovereign expression, we bring total presence to our Beloved and our community of greater Eden Beloveds, creating the sacred space to share our deepest needs, fears, and desires. By having the courage to communicate until we discover the larger truth seeking to emerge, we experience the healing and freedom that leads to radical fulfillment. 

Eden is a safe container that supports each of us to meet every part of ourselves with compassion and understanding – especially the places that have been hidden or rejected. This vow of love creates the conditions for us to continuously evolve in an ever-widening circle of beauty and abundance… until the whole world is held in our hearts. Learn about the 12 Principles that guide this community.