Evolutionary Relationship Breakthrough

Create an Evolutionary Relationship That Rocks Your World & Heals Your Life!

Friday, Feb 11th at 12PT

Build a Partnership Strong Enough to Share Anything & Heal Everything With the Power to Make Your Most Important Dreams Come True

The myth of the rugged individual, forging their way through the frontiers of life is over. The world is rapidly changing as a radically new paradigm of connection emerges…

The future will be held by evolutionary relationships –lovers, leaders, and conscious partnerships.

 For several years, three couples – all transformational leaders in their own right — have joined in an adventure of healing their hearts, deepening their partnerships, and mastering the principles of conscious communication and connection…

It has been an experiment, a deep exploration of the soul of a divinely inspired relationship, a trial by fire, a life-changing journey that has radically changed everything they knew and understood about the real meaning and potential of sacred partnership.

 The result of this “Council of Conscious Couples” has been a process for creating evolutionary relationships that has transformed hundreds and hundreds of couples around the world, and the birth of a community of couples dedicated to this higher mission of love.

And for the first time, these three couples are coming together to share this revolutionary process with the general public.

 In this provocative training and activation, you will –

  • Understand the 12 Relationship Principles that Create Unbreakable Connection and Transformation in Any Relationship – and Allow You to Grow & Expand Without Limits 
  • Realize Why Creating an Evolutionary Relationship is the Key to Greater Abundance, Accelerated Healing, and Living Your Greatest Life & Purpose
  • Uncover the 3 Critical Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Relationship – and Preventing it from Going to the Next Evolutionary Level.
  • Learn to Create a Sacred Container to Share Your Deepest Needs, Fears, or Fantasies, so You Can Align with Your Emerging Potential and get more of what you both want in your relationship.
  • Discover How to Be in Commitment Without Giving Away Your Power, and Stand in Your Power Without Separating from Your Partner.

With a Clear Vision for Your Love, Next Year Can Be the Best Year of Your Life…

 Say Yes to the Yearning in Your Heart and Join Us For This Playful, Sexy, and Transformational Training!


Friday, February 11th at 12pm PT

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