Evolutionary Relationship

Quantum Leap Your Love

January 23rd Replay

OMG… What an amazing call on how to create an Evolutionary Relationship Breakthrough!

We’ve been waiting a long time to do a deep-dive about conscious relationship, the masculine and feminine principles, and what it really takes to have a quantum leap of the heart that can transform and expand your entire life.

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On this very special relationship deepening call, we shared –

  • The 12 Relationship Principles that Create Unbreakable Connection and Transformation in Any Relationship – and Allow You to Grow & Expand Without Limits
  • Why Creating an Evolutionary Relationship is the Key to Greater Abundance, Accelerated Healing, and Living Your Greatest Life & Purpose
  • The 3 Critical Unconscious Patterns Sabotaging Your Relationship – and Preventing it from Going to the Next Evolutionary Level.
  • How to Create a Sacred Container to Share Your Deepest Needs, Fears, or Fantasies, so You Can Align with Your Emerging Potential
  • How to Be in Commitment Without Giving Away Your Power, and Stand in Your Power Without Separating from Your Partner.

Plus, we did powerful coaching and healing with individuals and couples LIVE on the call, that brought such a depth of insight into the most critical challenges we all face in a relationship.

We also unveiled something years in the making – a deep-dive virtual relationship retreat
that we’re only doing ONE TIME…

The Evolutionary Relationship Experience, a 3-day immersive workshop, is an experience like no other where we will help you discover your Evolutionary Relationship Blueprint (ERB), and…

… develop the vision, practices, plan, and structures to support you in creating the most amazing, transformational relationship of your life this year!

Not just a relationship that rocks your world, but one that heals you, allows you to live your deeper purpose, and activates an almost magical manifesting power to create your best life.

Here’s the thing, couples who are anchored in a deeper purpose for their relationship will
experience greater harmony, growth and inspired opportunities, but…

The ones who are unclear, stuck in past pain, not fully communicating, or are biding their time hoping things will change, will struggle and have increased pressure from nearly every direction.

If you want to set yourself up to have a quantum leap in your love life – and in your life overall – and create your best year ever, Check Out the Evolutionary Relationship Experience!

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We can’t wait to support you in taking your love and life to the next level,

Much love & blessings,
Derek, Galit, Rono, Sierra, George, and Tracey