The power of aligning your partnership toward a purposeful life.

Adulting can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. When it comes to tackling all the needs in your life, there’s no better way to do it than with a buddy. Being collaborative as partners allows you to share ideas, split up tasks, and provide support and encouragement when life gets funky.

In the first of our “Love Stories Revisited” chapters- Purposeful Partnership, we will be exploring how high-functioning couples create the most flow and harmony around adulting. You will be able to apply these tips, tricks and tools directly to your coupleship.

Research has shown that couples who have a Purposeful Partnership- meaning that you share your duties, connect about it regularly and are aligned towards a shared vision- are more fulfilled than couples where one spouse tries to manage “all the things.” 

A  Purposeful Partnership has less negative interactions when it comes to the day to day duties. In a very real and meaningful sense, couples who work in collaboration in all that is required to “create a life” find greater joy and opportunity for more depth and satisfaction in other areas of their relationship.

By aligning with your partner to optimize and co-create supportive systems and conversations on all of the “adulting” duties of life, you’ll soon see how much more connected and in flow your life and love becomes.  


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The guide is your journey for your day with us. In it, you will find:

  • Access to the Zoom Lines
  • Access to our Concierge Line
  • Digital Downloads of Documents
  • Info on our Hosts and Facilitators
  • Much More!

The Guest Access Guide is an easy way to stay connected and find everything you need in one organized place. This is where you will find the links to access your session rooms, and it is your go-to resource for updates, information, and technical support over the event.

Your Orientation session is mandatory to participate in the rest of the day, as well as, your Guest Integration at the end of the day.

Our Eden World Concierge, Kimberly, will be available at all times to you before, during and after the experience. Please use the top left button to access how to reach out to her and our support team.

Here are guidelines for how you can show up and make the most of your Sanctuary Experience:

GENTLE REMINDER you will need:

  • Names on the screen
    • Put your couple names first names only:
    • EX: Jack & Jill and please leave that for the entire weekend.
    • Guests… put a G by your name: Ex: Sue & Bob (G)
    • If you don’t know how to change your name, just let me know in the chat and I’ll do it for you
    • If you are using TWO screens, put the same name on ALL devices.
    • If you are without your partner please put Jack (& Jill)
  • You can control your own view!
    • Gallery and speaker
    • On computer, top right corner to move between speaker view or gallery view
    • Swipe left on phone or tablet
  • Suggest that you leave your camera on even if you have to get up to go do something… just part of the vibe and ok.
    • It keeps us more connected
    • Also.. Remember – we are with you when your camera is on.
    • So – mind your p’s & q’s.
    • Treat it as a live audience.
  • For our learning party today, you will need a notepad or journal for each of you to write on, so go get that now.
    • Each person will need their own notepad and pen
Breakout Rooms

  • If you know in advance that you will not be able to stay on for the Breakout rooms, please message TECH HOLDER in the chat now – not later. I need to know this when creating the breakout rooms.
  • For any partner exercises in the main room- if you are not physically present with your partner- we encourage you to call each other on the phone and be phone buddies.

  • No screenshots
  • What happens in Eden, stays in Eden.
  • Share your own experience, not names or others experience, unless they have given you explicit permission to share.
  • Breakout rooms are never recorded
  • If you want to share something in the main room but don’t feel comfortable sharing you can always ask us to pause the recording.

IF YOU HAVE Questions

  • There is the reaction button at the bottom of your screen and the ability to raise your hand.
  • We welcome comments in the chat throughout this whole experience.
  • If you need me (the tech) for anything, send a direct message to me so I see it.
  • Text the concierge line – (442) 222-2346 for domestic numbers
  • Text the concierge line- ((912) 715-9831 for international numbers
Body Care

  • Take care of yourself
  • Be comfortable
  • Get up move, stretch
  • Drink your water & eat your snacks!
  • You don’t have to SIT the whole time.

We are so excited that you are here and are so excited to dive deep into your coupleship with you.