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Experience the Best Relationship of Your Life - Even if You Already Have One!

Get ready to elevate your relationship and rewrite your Love Story.

Hey Awesome Couple…

Get ready to elevate your relationship to extraordinary heights.

We have an exclusive opportunity for you to immerse yourselves in a truly unique relational sanctuary where you will discover what your relationship can truly become – beyond what you’ve imagined – plus learn leading-edge tools & strategies to uplevel your connection, communication, intimacy, date nights, sex, and more!

But before we share more about that, we’re wondering…

Do you ever feel like your relationship (or parts of it) suffers as a result of all the pressing demands of your life?
Do you find it difficult to find time for your intimacy and connection?
Is there a part of your relationship that you know could be better or that is not as dialed in as you would like?

It can be tough to make time for your love life when you’re busy with the never ending list of to-dos

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for couples to get lost in the chaos of everyday life.

It can be tough to make time for your love life when you’re busy hustling and grinding or simply getting caught up in life, family and the never ending list of to-dos and online distractions.

Balancing life and relationships can be a challenge for even the strongest couples. Surprisingly, even seemingly great relationships can fall apart.

Recent studies show that approximately 40-50% of marriages end in divorce, and 70-90% of all relationships ultimately fail.

These alarming statistics can be attributed to one common issue: failing to prioritize your love life.

Neglecting to schedule time for intimacy, emotional connection, and physical vulnerability can lead to a breakdown in communication and a lack of fulfillment in your relationship.

Many couples make the mistake of assuming that their relationship will always be great without putting in the effort to maintain it.

But in reality, your relationship needs to be part of your plan and given the attention it deserves or you will grow apart and potentially even break up. This means scheduling dates, creating space for intentional conversations, and carving out time for intimacy.

Bottom line, if you’re not growing together, you will grow apart.

By prioritizing your relationship and scheduling quality time with one another, you can ensure that your love will thrive and your bond will grow stronger.

And, the good news is…

this is exactly what we’re up to in Eden World.

We know first hand that when you prioritize each other, you can take your connection to a whole new level.

Whether you’re looking to reignite the spark in your relationship, deepen your emotional connection, or create a more fulfilling sex life, we have the tools, resources and community you need to make it happen.

By joining us at an Eden World experience, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded couples, learn from relationship experts, and gain the support and guidance you need to take your relationship to the next level.

Even if you think your relationship is already great, we guarantee that our community will provide you with new insights and strategies that will enhance your connection with your partner.


Take action now and join us in Eden World, where love is our north star and extraordinary relationships are the norm.

Register for our next gathering and experience the transformational power of prioritizing your love. Your relationship deserves it, and so do you.




10:00am – 10:50am PT
Guest Orientation (required)

11:00am – 1:00pm PT
Salon (required)

1:10pm – 2:00pm PT
Guest Integration (required)

2:30pm – 3:30pm PT
Kings, Queens or Infinite Beings (optional)

4:00pm – 5:15pm PT
Heart Lounge (optional)

Whether you’re in a great relationship now, desiring to be, or are struggling to take your current relationship to a new level, this experience will open your mind and heart to a whole new world of possibilities. You will shift your perceptions of yourself and your partner, up-level your relationship paradigm, experience a deep heart activation, and learn tools to practice daily for ongoing relationship transformation.

It is something to be experienced. But don’t take our word for it…

What People are Saying

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“Exceeded My Expectations!”

This event exceeded my expectations! I am so excited about what we learned and looking forward to the expansion that comes from this epic event!

icon_stars (1)

“A Safe Place To Share & Great Tools”

I loved the safe space to share and the great tools that were offered. Overall, being part of a like-minded community of couples is a great gift in and of itself. “

icon_stars (1)

“We Loved Everything About It”

We both really loved everything about it! One years worth of marriage counselling in one day!

icon_stars (1)

“Support From Couples That Know”

I loved that it is an open and nonjudgmental forum to express your ideas and receive help and support from other committed couples.

What Might You Expect During An Eden World Online Event?

During this intimate and thought-provoking journey, you and your partner will discover new ways of being together.

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll engage in lively and vulnerable discussions, personalized dialogues with other couples, and explore new tools that will empower and support you in your relationship.

But that’s not all.

Our events are also a place for fun and connection. You’ll laugh, be entertained, and enjoy a custom curated date with your beloved while connecting with other couples who are on the same path as you.

Eden World is known for creating safe and supportive environments where vulnerability is celebrated and authenticity is encouraged. You’ll be held in the proverbial arms of other committed couples who see you, get you, and offer you listening and reflections that you may not be able to hear from your partner.


As part of the Eden community, you’ll make lifelong connections with other couples who share your values and goals.

You’ll explore the subtle places where you might stop yourself from fully understanding one another, gaining profound insights and frameworks that will help you navigate your relationship with greater ease and understanding.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the Eden World community and take your relationship to the next level.

Register now and start your journey towards a deeper, more fulfilling connection with your beloved.


What You Can Expect To Gain From Eden World?

Here are the direct words from many of our current members about what they have personally gained from being a part of the Eden World community…


  • Better understanding of my feelings, wants & needs 
  • Improved skills in sharing my needs with my partner
  • Greatly improved conflict resolution skills
  • Valuable communication methods 
  • Feeling less alone in our struggles 
  • A safe container to be real with ourselves
  • Insights that have shifted our priorities
  • Ability to start processing things that used to block us
  • Stronger connection to self and partner
  • A sacred time to do exercises that focus on our Coupleship
  • Deeper relationship with like minded couples; friends we have come to care for greatly

What Previous Guest Have To Say

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“High Caliber & Top Notch Experience”

“For over 10 years I put on productions for Tony Robbins and Marianne Williamson and what Eden World creates for couples is the same caliber. The kind of vulnerability, safety and professionalism created is top notch!”

icon_stars (1)

“I Felt Enganged & Interested”

“Even though it was a Zoom event online, staring at a screen, I felt engaged and interested in all of the dynamic and thoughtful offerings. I really loved the entire day and was not even bored once!”

icon_stars (1)

“A Truly Wonderful Experience”

“Not much to say besides we were truly surprised by how wonderful this experience was. Thank you! We loved the topics, the people and the container that was created for us. Even as newcomers we felt right at home.”

icon_stars (1)

“So Inspired About Our Relationship”

“It was inspiring to be with couples who have had long term successful marriages and are still happy and juicy. My partner and I are so turned on and inspired about our relationship. I have not seen this anywhere else.”


We invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience with no risk.

The cornerstone of a great relationship

For less than the price of two movie tickets, you and your beloved can attend one of our events and discover what makes this community so special.

And if you decide you want more, you will receive an exclusive invitation to our membership that provides access to all our events and gatherings throughout the year, at an unbelievable price that’s not available to the general public.

We only ask one thing; that you show up and play full out during the sessions so you can experience the full potential of our community. With our no-risk guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take the first step towards a deeper, more fulfilling connection with your beloved. Register now for an Eden World Experience and discover the power of our community for yourself.


Who is Eden World For?

Eden World is for you (and your partner) if both of you…

  • Are willing to invest in your partnership to ensure long-term happiness, fulfillment, and mutual growth.
  • Are committed to maintaining a strong foundation of trust, honesty, and transparency in your relationship.
  • Value the intimate and emotional connection you share, and actively seek ways to deepen your bond.
  • Are open-minded and willing to explore new experiences and ideas to keep your partnership exciting and fulfilling.
  • Appreciate and celebrate each other’s individuality, supporting each other’s dreams, goals, and passions.
  • Are eager to create a shared vision for your future, setting goals and working together to achieve them.

Eden World is not for you if… 

  • You’re not sure the person you are currently with is the right partner for you.
  • You’re in an abusive relationship of any kind, or think you might be.
  • You’re too busy or unwilling to schedule time to prioritize your relationship.
  • Your relationship is on the rocks and you’re already one foot out the door.

    The Creators Behind The Sanctuary Curtain

    Introducing the remarkable 2023 Eden Sanctuary Design Team: a passionate and dedicated collective from the Eden World community, committed to nurturing thriving relationships.

    With a fusion of skills in entertainment and personal growth, this talented team thrives in crafting exceptional experiences for you and your partner. Each in their own committed partnerships, they bring a comprehensive perspective on personal, relational, and spiritual growth, intimacy, and creativity. Whether you seek inspiration, guidance, or a transformative journey, The Sanctuary Design Team is here to bring your Coupleships desires to life.

    Trust in their expertise as they guide you towards unimaginable transformative experiences. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a journey of deeper love and growth, supported by the empowering presence and fun from this talented and quirky Design team.

    Julie Avena – Experience Design Contributor, Intimacy Expert & Yogi

    Terasa Livingstone – Experience Design Contributor, Production Director & Emcee

    Wil Traval – Experience Design Contributor, Talent Coordinator & Emcee

    Erin Delaney – Experience Design Contributor & Somatic Guide

    Rono K Smith – Experience Design Contributor, Facilitator & Host

    Sierra Sullivan  – Experience Design Contributor, Facilitator & Host



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