Keeping Your Love Alive Takes Effort

We all love those juicy TV shows that promise to find true love, right? Love Island, The Bachelor, Love is Blind…the list goes on. 

But have you ever wondered what happens when those relationships actually form?

You know, if you actually follow those reality stars, it’s quite evident that most of their relationships don’t make it past the honeymoon phase. And it makes you wonder, right? 


Here’s the answer to that…

A lot of these relationships are built on superficial beliefs. Some of them might claim to have love, but honestly, it’s often just not there. And, love alone is not enough to make a great relationship. There’s a whole bunch of other factors at play that you can figure out for yourself.

The problem is, they don’t really start off on solid ground. They don’t lay a strong foundation for their relationship. And once they’re in it, they don’t really put in the effort to keep it fresh and alive. They don’t have those deep conversations that truly nurture the connection.


The truth is, most of us were never really taught the essential ingredients for a successful and fulfilling relationship. Instead, we were often led to believe that the ultimate goal is simply to find “the one” and enter into a relationship.


However, the real work begins once we’ve found that “the one”. 

How exactly do we make a relationship thrive with our beloved?

Well, it’s not an easy feat. It requires unwavering commitment, enduring perseverance, and consistent effort. It’s about continuously recommitting to one another and investing effort time and time again. Building a truly awesome relationship takes dedication and a willingness to put in the work.

And, if you’re interested in that, we’ve got you covered. 

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