Know Yourself or Be Yourself

Wanna know how you can unlock your Full Sovereign Expression?

In this video from our recent enlightening Wisdom Jam event, Derek, a member of the Eden World Wisdom Council, shared a profound perspective on Full Sovereign Expression.

At its core, Full Sovereign Expression revolves around two essential principles…

Know Yourself and Be Yourself. 


These simple yet profound ideas form the magic recipe for genuine self-expression.


Nature itself serves as a powerful illustration of this concept. A tree, like an acorn, does not need a day planner or envy the success of apple trees. It embraces its true nature, growing naturally from the seed of its inherent potential. In the same way…

We possess an innate essence waiting to be expressed authentically.

In our daily lives, we often grapple with challenges, struggling to meet the expectations of others or society at large. This constant juggling can hinder us from fully embracing who we are. However…

Through the lens of Full Sovereign Expression, we find empowerment in our relationships.

True personal growth lies in uncovering the hidden parts of ourselves, acknowledging and accepting them. Partnership and community offer the nurturing ground where we can explore the depths of our being. Surrounded by supportive individuals, we gain the courage to shed the masks we wear and reveal our authentic selves.


In these transformative relationships, we find our blind spots fading away, and a newfound light illuminates our path. 


Each layer of self-discovery leads to the next, until we are no longer hindered by self-imposed limitations. The dashboard of our soul glows with the radiance of our true essence.

The beauty of genuine relationships and an embracing community lies in their ability to encourage us to unleash our full sovereign expression. Unlike the external world, which often imposes restrictions, these meaningful connections act as catalysts for growth and self-discovery.


So, let us embark on this liberating journey together, honoring the principle of Full Sovereign Expression.


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Like the tree growing tall and strong from a tiny acorn, allow your authentic self to flourish and bloom in the company of those who support and cherish your unique expression. 

Remember, the path to true fulfillment starts with knowing yourself and embracing your full sovereign expression

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Relationship sits at the center point of all human creation. How we are in relationship determines how we are as a society. When relationships thrive, humanity prospers. Eden offers a container, a sanctuary, a home to practice being in sacred union with ourselves, our beloved and each other. By taking complete responsibility for ourselves and living in our full sovereign expression, we bring total presence to our Beloved and our community of greater Eden Beloveds, creating the sacred space to share our deepest needs, fears, and desires. By having the courage to communicate until we discover the larger truth seeking to emerge, we experience the healing and freedom that leads to radical fulfillment. 

Eden is a safe container that supports each of us to meet every part of ourselves with compassion and understanding – especially the places that have been hidden or rejected. This vow of love creates the conditions for us to continuously evolve in an ever-widening circle of beauty and abundance… until the whole world is held in our hearts. Learn about the 12 Principles that guide this community.