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Transform Conflict to Connection: Tune Your Nervous System For Harmonious Love
Join us for a transformational and unique session to explore how our nervous system impacts our relational health and harmony. Despite our best efforts and intentions, unhealed trauma and survival patterns inevitably surface in our intimate relationship hindering and challenging our path to soul-nourishing love.

Most of us were never taught how to effectively manage triggers and advocate for our needs. As we deepen intimacy, we find ourselves unprepared and hopeless as we witness our blissful union challenged by past trauma and emotional reactivity. Triggers are not a menace but rather potent medicine; once you learn how to transform conflict to connection, you’ll feel empowered and equipped to confidently navigate every trigger to land in love.

In this session, we dive deep to understand the inner workings of our nervous system design and learn how to tune our nervous systems for harmony and intimacy. As we learn to make our nervous system our ally in love, we are empowered to become effective advocates for not only ourselves but also an anchor of safety and healing for our partner’s needs. This is where love becomes a container for deep inner healing and transformation.

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or exploring the beginning stages of your union or anywhere in between, this masterclass promises to expand your knowledge, perspective, and skillsets to effectively navigate your relationship towards the Northstar of harmony.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to Transform Conflict to Connection, Triggers to Medicine, and illuminate your path to deep harmonious love.

April 24th
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at 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern
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Anahita Anais
Anahita Anais is a NeuroHealth & Emotional Agility Coach that guides individuals and couples to live, love, and lead from a deep inner harmony through nervous system regulation and Relational Mastery. Her work is inspired by her life-long journey of resilience, healing, and transformation. She is trained in various Somatic Trauma Therapy modalities, Integrative Mental Health, NeuroHealth, and ancient shamanic traditions from Sufism to Plant Medicines. She is also the founder at MicrodoseGuru.com and faculty at the Plant Spirit School.
During this 90-min call you will learn...
How to Make Your Nervous System Your Ally in dating & intimacy
3 things you can do now to Feel Heard & Appreciated by your partner
What Your Triggers Can Teach You about Boundaries
This Masterclass is for you if...
Emotional triggers are sabotaging your relationship harmony
You’re feeling unheard, unseen, or under-appreciated in your relationship
You’re feeling guilt or resentment over unexpressed emotions and unmet expectations
Past trauma and survival patterns tends to creep in and highjack your love life
You desire to create an emotional safe haven for your love to thrive
You’re ready to Cultivate Relational Mastery and Soul–Nourishing Love
What is an Eden World Masterclass?
A Masterclass is a chance to learn from experts in our community on various topics, not necessarily related to Eden's content or even, at times, relationships. It's an added benefit for Sanctuary members and the greater community. The hosts may also offer a deeper dive into the topic with a sales offering during a masterclass.