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"MENOPAUSE MASTERY: Through the Transition and Beyond"
July 13th
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at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern
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Grace is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Sexual Educator. She produces Red Tent Los Angeles, empowering women to embody our essential wisdom and ecstatic nature, and connect the sisterhood.

Having passed through the portal of menopause, she has harnessed lessons, resources, and gifts and has birthed “Queenagers: An Empowering Rite of Passage for Women in Menopause”.   This turbocharged program is a transformation journey to dispel the myths of aging, and consciously optimize our bodies, minds, and spirits in this "Second Spring" of our lives.

Her lifelong interest in love and relationships led her to a Masters' Degree in Psychology and Divinity from Fuller Seminary followed by studies in Ancient Wisdom, Feminine Empowerment, and Sacred Sexuality.  Greta has been serving couples, women, and men for over 30 years, and sees clients in her private practice in Mar Vista (West L.A.) and on Zoom.

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 23 years, Nationally Certified Herbalist, Author, Speaker, Teacher
Dr. Cari Schaefer DACM is the founder of Wise Woman Emerging, a platform midwifing women through the menopausal change.

Her vision is to restore women with the empowerment, lost in our current culture, of this phase of life and help them find the optimal mental, spiritual and physical balance she knows is possible.

Dr. Cari’s vision was born out of her own bumpy menopausal journey brought on after one of her healthcare providers recommended she do an extreme detox at the age of 47.

She brings over 23 years of experience as a healthcare provider, educator and lecturer, as well as her knowledge as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, creator of Body Stress Analysis, and author of the best-selling book, “The Food Solution.”

During this two-hour call, you will...
LEARN to break free from societal beliefs and stereotypes about aging during menopause and embrace a positive mindset towards this transformative stage of life.
DISCOVER the secrets to make menopause amazing: Uncover valuable insights, strategies, and techniques to navigate menopause with grace and empowerment.  
GAIN CLARITY on how to optimize your hormones.  Understand the role of hormones during menopause and explore ways to optimize hormonal balance.
EDUCATE yourself around challenging symptoms as the body’s call for nourishment and course correction
JUICE up your Sensuality.  Embrace and celebrate your sensuality during menopause by exploring techniques, practices, and mindset shifts that enhance self-confidence, body positivity, and sexual well-being.
This Masterclass is for you if...
If you are noticing changes in your body and are not sure what is going on?
If you feel like your body is betraying you
If you are gaining weight and unsure how to stop it
If you are ready to embrace this next phase of life but aren’t sure how.
If you are ready to feel inspired, empowered and the best version of yourself ever!
What is an Eden World Masterclass?
A Masterclass is a chance to learn from experts in our community on various topics, not necessarily related to Eden's content or even, at times, relationships. It's an added benefit for Sanctuary members and the greater community. The hosts may also offer a deeper dive into the topic with a sales offering during a masterclass.