Partner Super Stressed? Try This!

Life has its share of unexpected twists, often leaving us navigating through moments of heightened tension.

In this video, Rono shares his recent observation that Sierra has been carrying a lot on her shoulders…

Rono sheds light on Sierra’s journey as she balances the demands of growing a business while facing family challenges, especially concerning her father’s health. Understandably, this has occasionally led to moments of stress and impatience.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. 

Our basic instinct might have been to react in kind, unintentionally escalating the situation. 


But Rono chose a different path. He chose to assume the best in her. 


In that moment, he realized that Sierra’s actions weren’t meant to provoke, but rather reflected the weight of her circumstances.

That is the transformative power of the principle “Assume The Best”. It has the power to bring deeper understanding and compassion, especially during hard times. This is a lesson that can ripple through your life and your relationship as well.


Imagine the positive impact this principle could have on your relationships!


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Here’s to stronger connections and shared growth in your relationship.

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