Pause the Conversation and Revamp Your Conversation

Do you ever feel that sometimes no matter what you say or how you say it, your partner gets reactive to what you’re saying? 

I’m for sure guilty as charged on that one at time. 


We’ve all been there, tangled up in those tangled words. But fear not! 


We’ve got some awesome tips to help you turn the tables and make your conversations the highlight of your day!

So, what’s the deal? 

Well, sometimes we’re carrying around a whole bunch of baggage or just having one of those stress-filled days. We might even be running on empty, or we are just too under-resourced to really take in what’s being said. 


And hey, maybe your partner hasn’t actually hasn’t invited the listening field for you to hear it as well. It’s a two-way street.


We’ve all been there, right?

Now, if you want to turn the tide and make your conversations truly connected, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

Get ready to level up! Check out this video:

First things first, it’s time to tap into your emotional awareness. If you find yourself reacting, then you have to be in emotional awareness of what might be rising up and…

Pause the Conversation. 

Pause and take a moment to catch your breath. Inhale some fresh air. Give yourself a beat, and then come back and speak your mind. 


Taking that pause can work wonders, trust us.


So… if you feel restricted or overwhelmed in a conversation…

Pause the Conversation. 

It’s totally cool to say, “Hey, I’m feeling constricted and I can’t have this conversation right now. I really wanna be connected with you, but can we do this later?” 

You’ve just hit the jackpot of self-awareness and consideration. Remember, it’s all about finding the right timing.

So, let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Firstly, start by noticing if you tend to be the reactive one in the relationship. What triggers those emotional reactions? Can you find ways to regulate yourself and shift your response?


You’ve got the power to make a change.


Then,  go forth, armed with these tips, and revolutionize your conversations! Connect on a deeper level, engage like never before, and watch your relationship thrive. After all, that’s what Connected Conversation is all about. You’ve got this!

Stay tuned for more game-changing tools and tips here in Eden World, and up level your relationship to new heights! Remember, the key to unlocking a world of Connected Conversation is in your hands. 

Let’s make every conversation a celebration!

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