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“I was also blown away by the blended male and female energy of Tracey and George. So much of what George shared touched me so deeply, because I knew I had some things to work on regarding men and male energy. I felt very blessed to be able to have both of their energy. Watching the two of them together is literally like magic.”

– Chris Hazen Molina

“Because of this work I am creating a viable and successful business doing more public speaking and my relationships are improving.

—Steffi Jo

I’m feeling new awakenings and new openings that are transpiring because of it.  An evolution. A shifting and up-leveling, for sure. I recommend this work to everyone who is ready to open up and step into a greater version of themselves.

–  John Michael Maury

Took me to places inside myself I’ve never been before. I started to realize how much I had to own and honor, and wanted to unleash. This is more life changing than anything else I’ve ever done. Clearly. Without a doubt.

Deborah Garret


“It’s the pattern…not the partner!”

George P. Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas have been pouring their hearts and souls into the work of conscious communication, integrated feminine and masculine leadership, and spiritual awakening for over 50 years combined. 

There is a yin and yang to all of us, a push and a pull, a masculine and feminine – an Eagle and a Condor in each of us. There is wisdom in this interplay of energies, and much to learn from both perspectives and ways of being, and the integration of the two. This is just one of the reasons their teaching together has a unique and powerful impact that works for you from day one.

After years on their own personal journeys, each and both coaching tens of thousands executives, entrepreneurs and teams in conscious communication and leadership, and winning honors that include best-selling author, award-winning international speakers, and – their personal favorite – “spiritual ignitors,” George and Tracey came together in love (in just 36 days) and a shared mission to help people find the true and full expression of all that is meant for them, and that they are uniquely and authentically here to fulfill.

As a couple, this power couple feel the growing urgency of bringing the power of masculine and feminine integration and harmony to light. They’re constantly emphasizing and celebrating the critical role this integration plays in healing the planet.

As spiritual guides and “status quo” disruptors, walking this path each day themselves and leading their Amazing Community, the two know from experience that the results of living in this consciousness are juicy, liberating, and truly fulfilling.

Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas has spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of corporate leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, women in business, speakers and authors internationally. With over twenty-five years in corporate and as an entrepreneur, she has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and others. Tracey is an Award-Winning Speaker, Creator and Co-Author of the best selling book “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership.”

George Peter Kansas is an international speaker, recognized coach, and respected intuitive guide to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. A speaker for three decades, George has shared the marquis with inspirational greats like Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy. George has written 9 books, is a former lawyer, father and grandfather, 2-time cancer survivor, and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most talented performers. He wrote the Jumper Cables for the Soul series of books and just completed an updating rewrite of the perennial classic “The Science of Getting Rich”.


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