The Eden community tends to attract a diverse variety of visionary couples, community leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and pioneering thought leaders, healers, coaches.   Our salon team loves to tap the genius of this network and also proactively seeks out and invite new and established voices to bring wisdom to our salons.

If you are an Ambassador or Visionary you are welcome to apply and offer a salon following this simple 4 step process. 



We have an application form you can fill out where you’ll be asked a few questions and will be asked to provide the following:

  • Salon Topic & Title 
  • Short Description &  Bullets (take aways and insights)
  • Your Bio & Headshots
  • The interactivity you are planning (i.e. breakout groups, polls, music, video,
  • Any prep work, resources, or information you want our community to have in preparation for your salon
  • Confirm your availability (1st Tuesday of the Month 5:30pm – 7:00pm PT)


Our Salon Team…

CURATE & INVITE PRESENTER: As we plan each Salon 30-60 days in advance, our team (Betsy, Matt, and Jennifer) will select from the applications reviewed the qualified presenter who best fits that months theme.  If your salon is chosen for that month you’ll receive an official invite from as we confirm their availability on the 1st Tuesday of the Month @ 5:30pm – 7:00pm PT.

CREATE EVENT POST: We’ll use your application, bio, headshot, and salon title to create a beautiful Event Post and Flyer 30 days prior to the salon to allow people to RSVP.



PROMOTE:  We like all our Salon Presenters to help us promote your salon by posting one or more provocative questions, a personal video from you, a written article, or a resources to engage our Sanctuary members and spark conversation in the Sanctuary 7-14 days prior to your salon while you are preparing your resources, exercises, and media.  Choose one or more of the following:

  • Post Question in Forum
  • Create a Resource
  • Interactivity & Exercises
  • Send us any Multimedia

PREPARE:We’ve created a resource for you of ‘Best Practices’ that also includes our ‘Winning Formula Salon Outline’ that we’ve seen work really well for this community.  Check it out below.

Our Salon Team…

PROMOTE: Using what you sent us in your application we will create the following promotion sequence:

  • 1 Email 7 days prior
  • 1 Email 1 day prior
  • 1 Text 30 minutes prior
  • 1 Email | 1 Post 1-2 days after with recording link

PREPARE:  We will schedule a meeting with you 14-21 days prior to the salon to go over the flow of your salon and any tech, av, or interactivity requirements.  Our salons are higherly interactive and we recommend spending up to 50% of your time with your participants doing polls, exercises, demos, and breakouts.   During this meeting we’ll go through this together to make sure everyone is prepared.

  • Initial Presenter Prep Meeting: Ethos & Tech
  • Confirm Salon Flow, Polls, & interactivity
  • Send promotional email 7 days in advance



FACILITATE:  On the day of your Salon we ask that you show up 30 minutes early so that you are relaxed, prepared and grounded and we can go over any last minute tech requirements and make sure we have the correct polls and breakout instructions.

Then at 1 minute after our start time we will open the salon with a transmission, introduce you, and pass the mic for you to teach and engage.   Here’s the opening flow…

  • Show up 30 minutes early to get prepared, grounded, and ready
  • We’ll play any music you like 5 minutes prior to the start
  • 75 – 80 Minutes To Teach & Engage after we introduce you
  • During announcements you can share ways this community can continue to interact with you on this topic 

Our Salon Team…

PRODUCE:  Your Salon hosts will support you in creating a smooth experience producing the event starting with promoting it to the entire Sanctuary Membership (Salons are open to all membership levels).   We have our event post and salon page which will encourage them to RSVP and attend PLUS we will send out both emails and text reminders to make sure everyone knows how to attend your event.

We’ll play the music of your choice along with the Salon flyer we designed starting 5 minutes prior as people arrive. Our team also will manage any zoom tech during the call and will monitor the chat.

  • Opening Transmission & Grounding – 2-3 minutes
  • Introducing You – 3-5 minutes
  • YOU: Teach & Engage 75 – 80 minutes 
  • NPS Poll & Announcing our Next Salon: 2-3 minutes



INTEGRATE:  It’s important to us that your content live beyond the salon and get applied into their daily lives.  We ask that each salon facilitator creates a resource that participants can download or read that allows them to continue to work with the tools and insights they received from you and that you post this during or the day after the salon engaging the community in any questions or comments they have about your salon.

  • Post integration resource 24-48 hrs after Salon
  • Comment & follow-up on any questions and relevant posts
  • OPTIONAL:  You can offer extra support to help people integration (i.e. sessions with you, courses, offers to come to their couples council to deepen on the topic, etc.)

Our Salon Team…

POST RECORDING:  1-2 days after your salon we will post the recording and send out an email giving people access to watch and reach out to you.  We often will stay on the call after everyone is done to do a debrief where we are excited to incorporate any feedback you have for us so that we can continue to get better and better at hosting these events with other presenters like you.

  • Send Email To the Membership with the Recording
  • Post Call Recording on in the Sanctuary Online
  • Post our higlights and take aways
  • Debrief call

You’ll also hear from us with a big thank you for being in the Give Frequency with Eden and showing up to offer your wisdom, resources, and tools to this community.

Our gratitude to our Presenters…

We are beyond grateful that you have lived the kind of life that has had you become a wisdom holder on your topic and that you’ve brought that to the Eden Community.   Thank you for what you do and who you are.    We are excited to showcase your work such that it helps support everyone around you.

We’ll see you in the next Salon! 

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