“My partner and I got a series of tools to not only resolve our perpetual fights and conflicts, but also upgrade the very fabric of our relationship to become an exquisite crucible that allows us to transmute our problems into remarkable growth opportunities. I honestly cannot even imagine trying do “love” or “relationships” without these tools. Do yourself a service and do whatever it takes to learn this.”

Kevin Kurgansky, “The Breakup Doctor’

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this information all my life. My lens of what a relationship can be has widened and expanded. I now have a definition and knowing of what an extraordinary/ evolutionary relationship looks like/feels like and I know the way I do relationship and the way I work with my clients is forever changed.

–  Maya Diamond, MFT Therapist MA

“They have this uncanny ability to really allow you to see your partner’s perspectives and have your partner see yours. I saw a whole new way of doing love—got a whole new set of distinctions, new ideas, and new ways of seeing things. These are a couple of the best in the world.”

—Eben Pagan Marketing & Dating Expert, Founder ‘The Love Dojo”

“Bryan and Jennifer embody a unique face of love. It’s an extraordinary love to be surrounded by. They are my teachers and an inspiration to parts of me that I didn’t know could come alive. These are two of the most brilliant human beings I’ve ever known individually and in relationship and they have inspired me to love better.”

– Annie Lalla, Love Coach Relationship Expert ‘The Cartographer of Love’

“Bryan and Jennifer are two of the most revolutionary teachers of evolved partnership.  If you’re interested in taking your relating not just to the next level, but several levels above that, they’re the ones I would learn from – for the most cutting edge material, useful exercises, and intelligent thought leadership on the subject of love and partnership.”

– Julia Allison

“Jennifer has the brilliance of a Nobel scientist, the compassionate heart of a Mother Theresa, the unwavering presence of a martial artist and the unspeakable beauty of Guinevere.  This woman is not only divinely invested in each person waking up to the greatest version of themselves but is purpose driven that the Planet emerge into collective consciousness, love and wealth. Follow her, learn from her, trust me you will have more access to who you want to become.”

– Wendy Yalom, Founder Wendy Yalom Photography

BIOGRAPHY Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin

Rewriting Your Relational DNA To Embody Your Ideal Love Story

Jennifer and Bryan are dyed-in-the wool entrepreneurs have co-created and led two decades of impactful transformational programs and trainings designed to evolve how we love and how we lead, liberating people from their self-imposed limiting beliefs.  Together they have Co-Founded Quadratic Leadership and  Evolving Love ( http://evolvinglove.us ) and created a body of work designed to help evolve and upgrade our ‘relational DNA’, rewrite our patterns, and upgrade our relational quotient (RQ) so that we can  embody our ideal love story with our partners.  In addition they’ve designed a ‘Perfect Vision’ Conflict Resolution Process that can help resolve persistent challenges permanently.

They have a shared passion for working with couples who are excited to be on their evolutionary edge and care about being great at loving each other to help them harmonize and integrate the seemingly oppositional polarities that are at the root of so much of the world’s confusion, distortion, and conflict.

 Over their 20 years of experience their work incorporated the best of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), the human potential movement, family systems, parts work, attachment theory, integral theory, collaborative systems, evolutionary psychology, spiral dynamics, consciousleadership, bioenergetics, spiritual practices, neuroscience, tribal circling technologies, sacred theater and their own Evolving Love frameworks, tools, and practices.

As speakers, community builders, leadership mentors and coaches they work to empower people that want to create an evolutionary shift in themselves and our planet.  They support people to develop more systemic, omni-considerate, and multi-dimensional perspectives to develop the clarity, focus, and conscious leadership.

In addition Jennifer has a passion for working with executives and entprenuers on developing their capacity to lead, serve, and inspire anyone.  She embodies a style of integrated feminine leadership that integrates the personal and professional, the spiritual and material,the effective and sustainable, the head and heart, the meaningful and pragmatic, and the profitable and fulfilling.

Her mission is to be a catalyst for systems change bringing integrated feminine values to the forefront of our culture.  She works with people to amplify their influence and bring a total systems approach to bear on their endeavors.


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating An Inspiring Relationship Vision
  • Evolutionary Frames for Extraordinary Relationships
  • Rewriting Relationship Patterns
  • Open Relationships & Navigating Non-monogamy
  • Shadow Integration & Parts Work


  • 1:on:1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Weekend & Private Immersions
  • Retreats & Workshops
  • 20 years of experience


Align Your Love Life & Create Your Relationship Vision         3 x $400* Sessions

Perfect Vision Conflict Resolution Sessions                                 $400* / Session

Evolutionary Frames: From Ordinary to Extraordinary Love      $400* / Session

Full Day Immersion: Fundamental Pattern Reconstruction      $5,000* / Full Day

* All prices reflecgt $100 off Eden Discount per session.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes – 2 hours.