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“Joseph guided me through the most intense period of transition and transformation I had ever experienced…Within 6 months I had founded two successful businesses, began dating the love of my life (now my wife), and accessed a level of feeling that I had been repressing since childhood.  I still am not sure how this man works his magic, but the magic is very, very, very real. If the voice to work with him even whispers to you, I would do everything in your power to make it happen.”

— Dave

“The transformation I’ve seen has been outstanding. I now feel much more, allowing myself to stay in uncomfortable spots to see what’s there. I’m finally letting my anger out instead of holding back and exploding. I’m now seeing that behind my anger is clarity on boundaries and desires. I’m finding fulfillment in showing up more authentically. I’m letting my beast do the talking more than ever before, instead of retracting in the face of a powerful woman. I’m showing up presently, loving her, and meeting her intensity when I feel it inside me.  I see how my fulfillment is about me loving myself, celebrating the victories, finding my unique self expressions and fulfillment.”


“I never feel judged, just heard. His advice is on point, his heart is kind and his words are honest. I would recommend this man 100%. One of my patterns is to do it all myself, be strong (rigid) and scrutinizing. Joseph helped me see where to be more receptive and fluid. My feminine side got some nourishment. As a result I feel more harmonious and life is just easier. I could write a book on all the things Joseph has helped me with.”

–  Marina

“I got more in one session with Joseph than I did in 3 years of therapy.”

– Mary Ellen

“Joseph will help find in you what has gone unseen. He walks with you through the darkness while holding a strong and safe space.”


“Joseph helped our ability to navigate desire and have open, honest communication.”

– Julie & Damon

ABOUT Joseph Dier

A fierce advocate for your authentic, vulnerable truth.

Joseph “Firewolf” Dier (pronounced “Deer”) is a transformational coach who lives and breathes transformation. Labeled an expert on emotions and relating, he knows the territory of healing intimately. All his life considered empathic, intuitive, and highly perceptive. An adept listener with an eye for subtlety, he can track what is going on for you so closely you get to the truth. His exquisite holding is gentle with meticulous attention to your individual needs. He puts work into creating a safe space for you to relax.

He has been coaching professionally for over 13 years through his whole life has reflected this work. A visionary experience in 2003 had him commit to being a healer and transformational guide. His background includes coaching certificates from Integrative Nutrition and OneTaste, two powerful programs that opened the doors to the path that was awaiting him.

He has overcome serious anxiety and depression. He has studied grief and anger. He has healed his trauma and created healthy relationships with his family. He has deconstructed relationship, purpose, and spirituality to find his authentic truth. He helps others get to their own embodied truth. 

20 years of Lakota Sweat Lodge. A near-death experience. Incredible visionary experiences. Wise teachers and powerful coaches. An infinitude of humbling lessons. Countless workshops and retreats. Joseph is committed to deep, immersive healing work and it is reflected in his life.

He is devoted to the honest, vulnerable truth. 
He advocates for the shamed, banished and ignored parts. 
He calls out your illusions as gently or aggressively as needed.

Sessions are informed by psychological theory, direct experience, science, spiritual wisdom, somatic techniques, radical honesty, and many other bits of magic. He utilizes principles from Taoism, Ancient Tantra, Buddhism, Hermetic Alchemy, and a variety of Indigenous spiritualities. In working with trauma he employs a variety of techniques. He is informed regarding addiction and recovery. He is inclusive of all genders and LGBTQ+. He makes use of exercises, movement, writing, vocal expression, and specialized assignments to aid in your growth.

Joseph provides a blueprint for a healthy healing space both individually and in relationship. The work is designed to get to the root and from there systemic change is created and impacts every part of life.


  • Healing Childhood Wounding
  • Rewriting Relationship Patterns
  • Trauma Release & Healing


  • 1:on:1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Personal Intensives
  • Retreats


“Stabilize” Package  $1,333 (individual or couple)

“Support” Package 8x50min Sessions (individual or couple) $2,222

“For Couples” Package 1xindividual session (50min) + 4xcouple sessions (90min) $2,222

“Open” Individual Intensives 2xweeks mentorship 5 weekly session to integrate  $2,222

“Initiation” 4 month coaching immersion Mentorship coaching In-person experience(s) $13,333

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