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“I’ve attended dozens of workshops over the years and nothing has been as deep and penetrating as what LDI offers. It’s transformative and liberating on level 10.”

—Niko Papasideris

“The Light Dark Institute offers some of the most powerful personal transformation work out in the world right now.”

L. Campbell

“While not for the faint of heart, this work is transformational at the deepest level. When you’re ready to release shame and step fully into your power, get yourself to an experience with the Light Dark Institute. Highly recommended.”

– Dr. Jane Guyn, Sexologist

“In my six decades of life, I have never met a couple who have so fully and beautifully integrated their dark and light sides. Tani and Leslie’s ability to step into profoundly dark roles in service to my intentions helped me to illuminate dark corners and shed something deep inside that has truly transformed me. Their thorough mastery of the dark realms has greatly helped me to better live in service to all beings. Thank you so much for this most profound and impactful experience!!!” 

 Fred Burks

“I have been on a pretty rigorous healing journey for the last 18 years, and I have to say that my Light Dark Experience was probably THE most profound healing experience I have ever had! I am SUPER picky about how people hold space for me after 10 years as a healer, and I found Tani & Leslie to be absolutely impeccable. I will definitely be back, and I trust them SO much I’ve recommended the LDE to all my friends!”

– Christina Morassi, Pleasure Coach

“Leslie and Tani hold a remarkable safe container that allows you to explore places inside yourself that have been unseen and untouched. Their commitment to this path and ability to share their knowledge is truly inspirational. If you are ready to take a deep dive into a life transformational experience then this work is for you.”

– Udaya Bryce

ABOUT Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers

“Use the power hiding in your shadows to create radical new levels of connection, erotic play and growth in your relationship”

Tani Thole and Leslie Rogers are the founders and lead facilitators of the Light Dark Institute. As pioneers of cutting-edge philosophies and practices in the realm of shadow integration, they are dedicated to sharing the power and transformation that is possible where our Light Sides (heart, care and intention) meet with our Dark Sides (the raw untapped potential of all our disowned aspects).

Tani and Leslie’s work teaches people to engage the darker, unknown aspects of themselves and others with play and curiosity, so that they can break through limiting patterns and step into greater power, freedom and connection in their lives and relationships. Drawing on tools from non-dual spirituality to relationship coaching to BDSM, Tani and Leslie are masters at creating safe spaces and opening permission for the most rejected places inside to be suddenly transformed into goldmines of healing and empowerment.

In their work with couples, Tani and Leslie laser in on the spots of greatest disconnection and conflict in a relationship, teaching the partners how to embrace their darkness with each other in these spots. Through revealing the sexy, taboo, dark play that is possible in these areas, Tani and Leslie support partners to flip the “problem” on its head and instead turn it into a source of greater connection, hotness, and aliveness for the relationship and for each partner. 

Tani and Leslie also work at the individual level, supporting people to find and tap into the incredible gifts hidden in their most rejected parts of self. This shift allows individuals to break through old conditioning and shame patterns, so that they can radically awaken to their fullest potential for power, freedom, and full self-expression.

Tani and Leslie’s work has been featured in publications and programs including The Atlantic and MTV, and their teachings are sought after nationally and internationally by those with a desire to awaken their ability to live and love with full power, full surrender, and deep fulfillment.


  • Exploring Power Dynamics & Play
  • Shadow Integration
  • Rewriting Relationship Patterns
  • Navigating Open Relationships & Non-Monogamy


  • 1:on:1 Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Personalized Weekend Immersions
  • Retreats and Workshops
  • Co-hosts of the Eden Council of Infinite Beings


The Light Dark Experience (3-day Immersion w Tani & Leslie) $9,500/ individuals

The Light Dark Experience (3-day Immersion w Tani & Leslie)  $14,500/couple

Darketypical Play: Online Sessions Using Power Dyanimics           $350/Session

Relating Through The Darkness Ongoing Couples Coaching            $3,000

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