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Opening Ceremonies
5:30 - 7:00pm Pacific
A time to connect, create a safe container, make agreements, and set intentions. During this session we’ll dive deeply into what it means to be ‘Eden’ and how to create a strong container of truth and harmony for this weekend.

Reimagine Lounge
7:00pm - 8:00 Pacific
Post call we invite you to connect, chill and hangout with other couples. Continue the convo that you where having or have a double date with another couple in a breakout room. the Reimagine Lounge will be open for an hour post opening ceremonies.

Session 2: Reimagine Yourself
10:30 - 12:00am Pacific

Recognize what's creating hidden limitations in your life, and release a specific pattern that's been lurking in the shadow. Use the strength and beauty of the community to see truth and goodness in yourself where before you may have turned away. 

  • Recognize your shadow and see what’s created limitations in your life. 
  • Release patterns that create resistance.  
  • Remember your light by having it reflected to you by other beloveds. 
  • Reveal your true gifts to yourself, your partner & this community. 
  • Remember your true self and feel supported in being that more fully.

Session 3: Reimagine Your Relationship (Part I)
1:30 - 3:00pm Pacific

Together we'll unwind the paradox that drives all complaints and defensiveness in relationships. See your petty conflicts in an entirely new, uplifting, and empowering way.

  • Recommit to yourself and your beloved
  • Resolve a persistent challenge in your interactions
  • Refill your emotional bank account

Evening Session: Epic Date Night & After Hours
5:30 - 6:30pm Pacific

Eden after hours is a guided experience where you’ll get your sexy on with your beloved. Bring more fun, aliveness and pleasure into your life during this magical, and dare we say, epic date night. This session will be designed so that you can watch the replay together when you are ready to start your date night. 

6:30 - 9:30 pm Pacific
Live DJ's, private lounges, massage rooms and more.

Session 5: Reimagine Your Relationship, Part II
10:30 - 12:00pm Pacific

What if relationship was more than just figuring out ways to meet each other’s needs? Come have an enlivening conversation about how to create a relationship that becomes a crucible for your transformation as you dance on your evolutionary edge with each other. Peel back the curtain of highly evolved relationships - come ready to learn and share. Reinvent an inspiring context and vision for your relationship.

Session 6: Reimagine Our World and Closing Ceremony
1:30 - 3:00pm Pacific

Between what we know we want and what we unconsciously create, there is often a gap. Together we’ll compassionately explore how we can more fully align ourselves with the world we want to create and create a community of support to hold you along the way (CQ). 

  • Recommit to a conscious form of leadership in your interactions  
  • Reclaim healthy vs unhealthy motivations with your purpose
  • Realize your right relationship to creating value in the world
Post Event Integration
5 pm - 7:30pm Pacific

We gather on last time to integrate what we've reimagined, to connect again with our new lifelong friends, and to set our sights on what is next for us on our individual and collective paths.

NOTE:  While we encourage you to be with us as much as you possible to gain the full benefit and connections available to your partnership, you are not required to attend every session. Although the time slots will remain the same, topics and when they are offered may change.

They say that fun is better shared! what amazing couples do you know that would enjoy reimagine?


Our arms are open wide to more exquisite couples like you.  We’d love to have each of you coming to our REIMAGINE event to think about your favorite couples…

…the ones in your life  that would make the biggest contribution to Eden? Whose love inspires you? Who in your life deserves to join and be held and supported by a community of peers?

…the ones whose lives would be upgraded by being in this container.  Who are the couples you love that would be enriched and supported by attending REIMAGINE?

Now that you have them in mind, click the button below to officially nominate them and then send them to Edenworld.org to find out more and register for this event.


Our Eden Concierge is standing by if you have any questions or need specific support regarding technology, help in making a decision or regarding your purchase.

Please reach out to us directly.