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We want you to be a presenter!

You are what makes Eden World events special

If you are willing to share your perspective on the live mic at our next Eden World event, fill out this brief survey and let us know what you’d like to share!

Each of the sessions during our 3-day virtual events include a diversity of voices and a unique combination of interactive presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, polls, chat questions, art, music, poetry, performance. 

Sessions tend to have intimate and enriching break out sessions where each couple is sharing within their connection groups.  We do this because we realize that it is your coupledom that holds the key to your transformation and we hold that any experts or facilitators are there to give you tools, upgrades, and pointers to your own wisdom.  

How do I participate?

Vulnerability works best

Filling out the form below and saying “YES” means you’re signing up for:

  • Prepping for your section
  • Prepping for any interactivity you might be sharing (i.e. polls, breakouts, visuals, resources, exercises, opening rituals, poetry, storytelling, music, videos)
  • Participating in one pre-event alignment and training call. 
  • Having your on-camera time look and sound great.  

We are seeking music, poetry, storytelling, experts, exercises, games, polls, videos, visuals, and interactive sessions.   We’ll be exploring 3 major themes during the REIMAGINE Virtual Experience August 16-18th.  If you have expertise or creativity that might fit one of these 3 areas or have a frame, tool, life hack, or insight that you’d like to share with the community, we’d love to hear from you by having you fill out the form below.  

What gifts do you want to bring?


If you are an expert in human potential or have a personal rags to riches story or creative offering we want to hear from you!  Our focus in these sessions will be on…

  • Recognizing shadow and what creates limitations 
  • Releasing patterns that create resistance.   
  • Remembering their true self and revealing their gifts to themselves and their community

Lets Upgrade Our Relational Quotient Together  (CQ)

Reimagine Your Relationship

If you are an expert on love and relationship and have a  personal rags to riches story or creative offering we want to hear from you. Our focus in these sessions will be on…

  • Reinventing inspiring visions for your relationship
  • Recommitting to yourself and your beloved
  • Resolving a persistent challenge
  • Refilling each other’s emotional bank accounts

Lets Upgrade Our COMMUNAL Quotient Together  (CQ)


If you are an expert on mission, leadership, community building and influence or have a creative offering we want to hear from you. Our focus in these sessions will be on…

  • Resolving to get off the drama triangle
  • Recommitting to a conscious form of leadership 
  • Reclaiming healthy vs. unhealthy motivations for your projects
  • Realizing your right relationship to creating value in the world

Fill out the form below to share your offering with us

They say that fun is better shared! what amazing couples do you know that would enjoy reimagine?

How can I invite some of my favorite couples?

Our arms are open wide to more exquisite couples like you.  We’d love to have each of you coming to our REIMAGINE event to think about your favorite couples…

…the ones in your life  that would make the biggest contribution to Eden? Whose love inspires you? Who in your life deserves to join and be held and supported by a community of peers?

…the ones whose lives would be upgraded by being in this container.  Who are the couples you love that would be enriched and supported by attending REIMAGINE?

Now that you have them in mind, click the button below to officially nominate them and then send them to Edenworld.org to find out more and register for this event.

We have created a highly curated space for you to let down your guard, surrender into the arms of the beloved and unravel all the conditioning and false pretense that can make relating harder than it needs to be.

And we recognize that this is very much needed as we continue to molt in our collective chrysalis moment, so that we can be ready to hold the world in our loving and unified arms when we all finally emerge.   

For this reason, we invite you to join us, participate fully, and bring your wisdom and gifts to this community to help us all upgrade our selves, our partnerships, our lives, and our world collectively.  We are incredible grateful for all the visionary couples we’ve brought together to do this work and we are especially grateful to you for choosing the ‘Give Frequency’ and wanting to share.