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Hopefully by now you have heard the news… due to COVID continuing to have its grip on humanity and our desire to have more potent and powerful connection time with one another, we have decided to test out a new format for all of 2021 called “Sanctuary Saturdays” (The Sanctuary 1-Day Experience).

We’ve combined the fun and excitement of our “3-Day Virtual Events” with the intimacy of our weekly calls into one incredible day of offerings and Epic Date night experience.Our goal is to provide more fun, more connection, more frolic and more depth while at the same time allowing more of our beloved members to attend and to have a place to celebrate all the work and evolution within our relationships at least once a month.

We will still offer connections on Tuesday evenings, but they will be sponsored by you the community and be more focused on mixers and collective wisdom sharing verses teaching. 

With our new Sanctuary Saturday 1-Days you will gain the benefit of a monthly theme, receive a more cohesive experience of that theme all in one day and have the entire month to explore that theme with your beloved, your Couples Council and in our Sanctuary Forum posts and shares.

Check out the schedule for this inaugural 1-Day below.


10:00am - 11:30pm Pacific
Secrets of the Yoniverse: Discover the magic and mysteries of a woman's sacred portal. Learn to see her through a new lens and create a next level of relationship with this life giving flower. Together, as couples, we will step into a unique and fresh conversation around Yoni that will allow us to release any hidden shame and shadow around this potent part of a woman and become champions of her voice, beauty and power.
Hosts: Betsy & Matt
Facilitated By: Sierra Sullivan & Rono Smith

12:30 - 2:00pm Pacific
Here, we go into our sovereignty work and explore the Secrets of the Yoniverse as Kings and Queens. 

Kings: Join the Council of Kings for a deeper discussion of what we explored in the Salon and what may have come up for us. We will discuss how we "hold” as Kings and discover our edges around holding space for the desires, requests and needs of our beloveds as they learn to deepen their relationship to their yoni, and how we’re called up as Kings.
Facilitated By: The Kings Roundtable

Queens: As sisters and Queens we will have an opportunity to take our connection to our sacred portals even deeper, discover what she has to say, what she needs and wants and practice asking for those needs powerfully in our relationships and our lives. Together we will create a personalized Yoni honoring ritual that we get to bring to and request of our beloveds for an Epic Date night (should you choose).  
Facilitated By: The Queens Roundtable

3:00 - 4:30pm Pacific
Got pussy? Don’t got pussy? Really? Exploring the yoni inside all of us to move through the fear of our anti-self and enter a deeper relationship with our sovereignty.
Hosted & Facilitated By: Tani Thole & Leslie Rogers

5:30 - 7:00pm Pacific
Confessions, Recommitment & Agreements: Set up your Epic Date Night with Deep Dialogues & Courageous Conversations around the theme. It is important to set up your intentions, make sure your expectations can be met by your beloved and have the potentially difficult conversations that can set you up for success.
Hosted By: Wil Traval & Terasa Livingstone

7:00 - 10:00pm Pacific
Epic Date Night: Live DJ's, private lounges, specialized experience rooms and more. Bring more fun, aliveness and pleasure into your life during this magical and dare we say, EPIC date night. This session is designed to help you create a memorable date night experience with your beloved. If you cannot make this live be sure to watch the replay when you are ready to start your date night. 

Heart Seats: Not feeling like celebrating? Needing some love or expert support? This is your chance to get coaching, caring and holding for your relationship in a dedicated group format. Held by master coaches and facilitators, get the love you need to bring your relationship back into harmony. 

12:00am - 2:00pm Pacific
Unpack, reflect and make whole all the parts of ourselves that we explored over the weekend. Share, listen, laugh and cry with your fellow beloveds.

Hosted By: Rono & Sierra

NOTE:  While we encourage you to be with us as much as you possible to gain the full benefit and connections available to your partnership, you are not required to attend every session. Although the time slots will remain the same, topics and when they are offered may change. A large portion of each session is spent in dialogue and connection in small groups with other couples. 


Our Eden World Concierge is standing by if you have any questions or need specific help regarding technology, having a challenge in your relationship or something else.

Please reach out to us directly.

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