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What can you expect for January’s Sanctuary Saturday 1-Day Experience

As we step into 2021, we have a beautiful opportunity to go beyond what we have reimagined our world to be in a post covid environment and step fully into the proverbial Garden of Eden… a Return to innocence… a Return to paradise… and, a Return to a time when the Divine Feminine was revered, honored and cherished by all. 

A Return to wholeness requires a willingness to reclaim parts of ourselves that have been forsaken, shamed, shunned or misrepresented in any way. 

As we come together for our first “Sanctuary Saturday” 1-Day extravaganza, you will be guided, inspired and awakened into a blessed reclamation of the Sacred Portal of Life. 

This Sacred Portal of Life has many names… Yoni, Vulva, Flower, Pussy and many more. 

Together, with our beloveds, we will traverse all sides of her majesty and mystery as we put on our collective “explorer hats” and take an intimate and magical journey into a fresh exploration of all she has to offer us beyond what you may currently understand. 

For an entire day of Sanctuary offerings, we uncover the sacred aspects of pussy, while inviting a new conversation within your coupleship on how to honor and hold all that she offers us- both as men, as women and as the infinite in us all.  

You will walk away from this intimate and mystical experience having an entirely new context of how to call forth and call upon a new power of creation, life force energy, pleasure and purpose in your life and relationship.

Here’s how the day will go… 

We begin with the day together in the Sanctuary Salon where we will dive into the Secrets of the Yoniverse to discover a new understanding of the power of the pussy while simultaneously healing the collective wounds and traumas that she has endured from centuries of patriarchal conditioning. 

Next, you are invited to join us in the sovereign containers of the Council of Kings and the Council of Queens where we will take what we learned from the Salon and explore it more fully as Kings and as Queens. Here you will also be guided into some preparation of a practice that we invite you to explore with your beloved in the privacy of your own home during our Epic Date night later in the evening.  

After the Kings and Queens connect, we reconvene with the Council of Infinite Beings where you can alchemize and be with an understanding of experience with and beyond the ideas of having or not having a pussy. We invite this potent next level exploration to be shared with as many of us as are willing to step into a whole other conversation beyond the definitions of our genitalia.

The next stop in your Sanctuary 1-Day adventure is the Love Lounge where we will have an opportunity to engage in a courageous conversation and deep dialog around this sacred topic. 

Being back together in the Eden Coupledom, we will reflect on the day and expand into the invitation for the Epic Date night ritual and practices as well as soothe any agitations that may have surfaced for you or your beloved along the way. We will also use this special time to get you prepped and prepared for a special Date Night experience. 

After the Love Lounge, Epic Date Night begins and the Heart Seat Alchemy room will be open and available for anyone who may need a little extra TLC and support. We will also have a series of other rooms available for your play and pleasure, including a DJ mix & hangout room and other special offerings to be announced. 

Join us for this incredible day and let’s take our love and connection into the Supra-sexual realm so that we can be even more powerful and intentional with our lives, our loves and our dreams this year and beyond!



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