Unleash The Power Of Presence With These Simple Tools

Ever experienced that frantic search for misplaced items, asking your partner, “Have you seen my keys? Have you seen my glasses?” It’s a scenario we all know too well. 

Often, the solution is remarkably simple, just a moment of pause and observation. Those sunglasses might be resting on your head, or the keys could be nestled in your pocket. Sometimes, the elusive item is right before you, obscured by a misplaced object.


Imagine having the ability to effortlessly tune into what’s right in front of you.

We call it “Current-see” 

Being truly present is the key to unlocking what you need, free from the distractions that cloud your vision.

In this video, we’ll dive into the art of being present and how it can transform your daily life. We’re excited to share practical tools that you can apply immediately.

🔍 ‘Show Me’ Technique: 

One of our most cherished techniques that you can use is the “Show me” approach. For instance, when you misplace something small, like a tiny screw, just ask yourself, “Show me the screw.” Your brain’s reticular activating system shifts its focus, filtering out the noise and zeroing in on the exact item you’re seeking. 


⏸️ Shift Your Focus: 

As we navigate our fast-paced lives, our minds can become overwhelmed, leading to overlooked opportunities and ideas. When you find yourself in this cycle of mental overdrive, take a moment to step away, shift your focus, perhaps grab a cup of tea or stretch your legs. This small act of shifting your attention can open the door to clarity, allowing fresh insights to flow effortlessly.


🌬️ Pause, Breathe, Smile: 

Another challenge we often face is dwelling on the past or fixating on the future. By cultivating present awareness, you can break free from these cycles, empowering yourself to fully embrace the here and now. A simple technique we encourage is to pause, take a deep breath, and even offer yourself a genuine smile. Try it – notice the positive shift it brings.


Give yourself the gift of presence through a consistent practice. What we offer you are  a wealth of tools that can lead you to a newfound “Current-see,” the true currency. 


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Let’s explore the transformative power of presence together.

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