Unlock Deeper Connection With Your Beloved

Over the years, we’ve created numerous tools to deepen our connection with our beloved, but none have been as invaluable and supportive as the Sacred Space process. 


We’re excited to share with you the exact steps to create and engage in sacred space, as well as introduce a profound communication tool to enrich your experience.


So, what exactly is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is a practice that fosters a safe and intentional “coming together” for two people to come together and discuss hot-button topics, challenges, or simply connect on a deeper level. 

It provides an opportunity to discuss sensitive topics, address challenges, or simply unwind and enjoy each other’s company. 

Whether it’s a heartfelt conversation or a relaxing walk, sacred space allows you to set aside dedicated time to connect on a deeper level.

This practice serves as a powerful tool for connection and conflict resolutionhelping you navigate difficult discussions with grace. 

It’s a practice to deepen your ability to take things “all the way through”


By engaging in the Sacred Space process, you’ll develop your ability to address issues thoroughly and effectively.


It is best used on a regular basis, as a practice….Period. Consistency is key when it comes to Sacred Space. 

Sacred Space is a practice and a tool…but it’s better as a regular practice for connection. The more you practice it, the less it feels like a tool when you need it. 

Approach Sacred Space as a means of connection, rather than a last resort during troubled times. 

It has deepened our understanding of each other, enhanced our sex life, and opened doors to new possibilities we never imagined. Through Sacred Space, we’ve reduced communication friction and broken free from repetitive cycles.

So, how often should you engage in Sacred Space?

We suggest dedicating at least one hour per week to this practice. Consistency is the secret ingredient to success, so make it a regular part of your routine.


Are you ready to break free from repetitive cycles and connect deeply with your beloved? 


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Let’s create a space where relationships flourish and thrive. Join us on this transformative journey. 

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Remember, the world can be a better place when we build stronger connections with our loved ones. 💫✨

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Relationship sits at the center point of all human creation. How we are in relationship determines how we are as a society. When relationships thrive, humanity prospers. Eden offers a container, a sanctuary, a home to practice being in sacred union with ourselves, our beloved and each other. By taking complete responsibility for ourselves and living in our full sovereign expression, we bring total presence to our Beloved and our community of greater Eden Beloveds, creating the sacred space to share our deepest needs, fears, and desires. By having the courage to communicate until we discover the larger truth seeking to emerge, we experience the healing and freedom that leads to radical fulfillment. 

Eden is a safe container that supports each of us to meet every part of ourselves with compassion and understanding – especially the places that have been hidden or rejected. This vow of love creates the conditions for us to continuously evolve in an ever-widening circle of beauty and abundance… until the whole world is held in our hearts. Learn about the 12 Principles that guide this community.