Bringing Eden To The World

Welcome beloved.

We are so very honored to welcome you to The Visionaries Club at Eden World. You are part of an amazing group of humans dedicated to making their love exceptional and creating a world that works for everyone.

On this page you will be able to pay your balance, join our Visionaries Only Slack Workspace Playspace and understand how the next month will unfold as we welcome you into the family.

Step 1

Click this button to pay the remaining $3333 balance of your Visionary Membership. This will give you Visionary access on the Sanctuary Online, plus you will be added to Visionary Guest list for call VISION JAM details and scheduling.

Step 2

What are we connecting on?

Currently there is a lot of excitement around collaborating on 3 types of projects. As we all get to know one another more ideas or 

  1. Land projects, retreat centers, resorts or country clubs, including the Eden Club House property, as well as other potential property investments around the country and potentially the world.
  2. Regenerative agriculture and food forests, potentially including cash crops like cannabis, lavender and potentially mushrooms should the government legalize this crop.
  3. Technology & Human Potential including virtual and augmented reality as well as relationship apps.
  4. Personal projects, legacy projects that focus on family, as well as other business ventures.

To be able to track these project and have a single space to collaborate and share we chose a private slack workspace to stay connected.

Keep in mind that we are welcoming new and veteran visionaries into this channel so it will take a few weeks to get everyone dialed in. Once we are all in and we have our initial call  (Nov 19th) we should all be dialed in and off we go!

Join the private Eden World Slack Workspace for Visionaries here.

Step 3

What makes Visionaries amazing is that everyone here is vetted. We only let in stellar couples and people that are up to great things. So… the way you will get the most out of this curated container is to get to know each other, share ideas and resources, and give graciously to one another. And of course respect each others time and generosity.

We want you to get out there and have at least TWO DOUBLE DATES with fellow Visionaries before our November, 19th VISION JAM, especially couples you have not met yet. Get to know one another, vulnerably share what’s emerging in our relationships or life, lean in here. This type of connection is a cornerstone of the Eden World culture.

As each Visionary member joins the slack channel you will know who is who and can set up double dates.

How does it work? 

  1. Choose a couple here in the Eden community you’d love to get to know better and reach out to schedule your double date.
  2. Many of us prefer using Zoom, as the best way to connect and see each other. 
  3. Best date length is usually somewhere between 45-60 minutes (and some go longer if you’re having a great time!)
  4. The format we use to have the MOST fun is using prompts to keep the conversation      flowing and engaging. 

Prompt Ideas (choose any of these or create your own):

  • Share your love story in 8 minutes or less?
  • What do you love the most about your partner?
  • What drives you the most crazy about your partner?   
  • What is one of your biggest challenges that you’ve solved, and how did you solve it? 
  • Share something vulnerable about your relationship.
  • What big visions and projects are you stewarding?
  • What resources & support do you need for life, love or business? 
  • How are you thriving or struggling during these times?

Enjoy the fun and connection these dates will bring you!


As we finish our interviews and lock in the final group for 2020 of Visionaries, over the next few weeks, we will also be sharing more details to get you up to speed. If you need anything in the mean time please reach out to our concierge at…  concierge (at)

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