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Instead of holding it together,

What if we held it, together?

Choose from THE FOLLOWING dates IN 2022:

Trust & Surrender / AUG 13 & 14
Evolutionary Unity / OCT 15 & 16
Generosity & Grace / DEC 3 & 4 

The Premiere Virtual Experience for Power Couples in Love

You Are Invited To Experience Evolutionary Partnership In Action With A Supportive Community Of Visionary Leaders.

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How do busy, Pioneering People like you and I create a new understanding of what it means to be in partnership while balancing all of life’s demands?


There is a magical place that few couples have experienced, a relational sanctuary where friendships and sincerity meet personal growth and unparalleled connection.  A place where you let loose and dive deep with other incredible “dynamic duos” that are also doing extraordinary work in the world.

Where life-shifting experiences, mission-driven conversations and intimate connection with your beloved are the only things on your agenda. And where hearts and minds open to new possibilities. Where you are tuned-in and turned-on to a more expansive way of living and being in conscious partnership with your beloved and other rock star couples.

For nearly five years, we have been gathering evolutionary couples together to explore, examine and exchange ideas on how to have the best relationships possible. From this exploration we have found that the one thing that forms the sweet bond in this community is the way we embrace one another as beloveds.

Alongside some of the best minds and hearts, we will explore what it takes to live into an extraordinary relationship. With the intention to discover, create and share a new model of partnership in the modern world for couples like you, that share big ideas and dreams for a better world.


Over the course of 2+ days together you’ll be taken on a highly  interactive journey into self actualization, relational upgrades, and community support with other AMAZING committed couples like you. We’ll dive into honest and enriching dialogues about what it means to be in partnership in todays world… what works, what hasn’t and gain tools to make your relationship even better than it already is.   

This event is designed to have you explore, share and upgrade your ‘Relationship Quotient‘ (RQ) and your ‘Communal Quotient (CQ) to help you both thrive.

Relational Quotient : RQ

A measure of the consciousness and health of a relationship, and a person’s ability to create and maintain health in their relationships.

Communal Quotient : CQ

A measure of the consciousness and health of a community, and a person’s ability to create and maintain health in their communities.

2022 Theme: Renaissance of Love

Shadow & Truth / APR 23 & 24
Your Genius Your Vision / JUN 11 & 12
Trust & Surrender / AUG 13 & 14
Evolutionary Unity / OCT 15 & 16
Generosity & Grace / DEC 3 & 4

What makes this gathering special and why you MUST be there.

Are you surrounded by other power couples committed to having the best relationship ever?

What if you and your beloved could deeply connect with like-minded leaders, visionaries and creative geniuses in a highly curated environment of intimacy, healing and evolutionary ideas – all in a way that deepens your relationship and creates a quantum leap for your life, love and work?

What if you could be held in a conscious container that activates your true potential, removes your relationship patterns of the past and gives you the guidance to create the partnership you’ve dreamed of and the impact you are meant to make in the world?

This kind of community is rare. But it’s the environment that has been the genesis of every great innovation or evolutionary leap in history – from the golden age of philosophers that laid the foundation for our values, to the enlightenment that opened up our scientific potential, to the small group of techies that launched Silicon Valley and most of our greatest innovations…

…and for the first time, you are invited to be a part of this kind of community.


Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme

Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme


Let’s upgrade our Relationship Quotient (RQ) together.

Through the reflections of other in-love-couples we’ll find aspects of our relationship codes that we can celebrate and some that we can rewrite. If love is our greatest teacher, this is the perfect classroom. 

  • Reinvent an inspiring vision for your relationship
  • Recommit to yourself and your beloved
  • Resolve a persistent challenge in your interactions
  • Refill your emotional bank account

what EDEN couples are saying…

Paula: “I’ve never been part of a community where couples are this deeply connected with each other…not just in their ‘couple-ness’, but in their outward service’ to the community itself. 

Paul: Eden is the only place I have ever been where it’s like “Oh, man! Just being around all these people in love is something so freaking extraordinary.” 

- Paul & Paula

Joe: “By being in Eden, I’ve learned how to really see my relationship as a crucible for personal transformation, for me to grow and expand into the king and the man and the servant to the world that I aspire to be.”

Kelly: “Being part of the Eden community makes me feel that no matter what we go through in our relationship, I know we have friends that will have our backs to hold our love through anything.”

- Kelly & Joe

Elie: “I don’t think I’ve had a community that I felt so connected and supported by other couples. It was just such a magical environment. I felt really held. We felt held.” 

Destin: “Eden is the community I want to be in. I just want to be right here. I am so “On”, for so many people, all fucking day, day after day, and I’m really good at it… but I need my places where I can fall apart.”

- Destin & Elie

George & Tracey: As leaders who support others for a living, we know all too well what it takes to hold a container of support for big personalities and alpha leaders. What we’ve experienced, who we’ve met and the opportunities we’ve gained from being part of this couple’s community has been one of the best investments of our time, energy and resources to date!”

- George & Tracey


What is the relationship you most want to co-create?

You’re here on this page because of your connection within the We Deepen Community. 

“Golden Ticket” Guest Passes are only offered through Eden World members and carefully sellected sister organizations. 

This highly curated guest list is exclusively reserved for couples who have been on a solid path of personal growth, self-responsibility and open-hearted relating. 

It is for couples who have been committed to each other for more than a year and who are curious to get a taste of what Eden has to offer because you’ve heard so much about it from others in the community.  

If this is you, we’re excited to meet you and invite you to bring your “coupleship superpowers” to the table and join us for our next Sanctuary weekend experience… as our guest.

This highly discounted Guest Pass is good for one Sanctuary Weekend Experience. We only have 12 guest passes per month and they can fill up quickly. So be sure to register if you are joining us.

If you cannot attend the upcoming weekend be sure to join our Preferred Guest List so you can attend a future month. Click the “Can’t Make This Month” button on the next page.


    Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme

    Imagine experiencing…


    We are visionary couples and community leaders in highly committed relationships. You’ll be surrounded by your peers.


    Receive profound insights, frameworks and learn something new about your relationship edges. Gain tools and wisdom from other couples expertise and life lessons.


    This is where your love is upheld as sacred. Every member of the Eden community stands for your relationship and your success.


    We carefully craft a safe environment that is rich for authentic sharing. Many new couples are amazed at how vulnerable we get with one another. Most find it refreshing to, not have to ‘hold it all together’ and let yourself be seen and held in a way that is uniquely Eden World.


    Every time the Eden community gets together, new friendships and business connections are made that will enrich your life for years to come.


    This is a place to have fun and to be in the delight and enjoyment of other couples. You’ll laugh, be entertained, enjoy a date night with your beloved while you connect and enjoy a feast for your soul.


    As a community, we “go the whole way through,” by exploring the subtle places where we might stop ourselves from fully understanding one another.


    The feeling of being held in the proverbial arms of other awakened couples who see you, get you and can offer you listening and reflections that you may not be able to hear from your partner.

    This is NOT for you if…

    • You’re less than one year into your relationship and are still getting to know each other.
    • You don’t see the value in surrounding yourself with powerhouse, badass, like-minded couples to expand your network and resources.
    • You’re not committed to taking your relationship to the next level or making it extraordinary.
    • You don’t consider yourself visionary or evolutionary. 
    • You’re not willing to learn and discover new things about yourself and your beloved. 
    • You have an “I already know that” complex and aren’t available or willing to be in a peer to peer experiential learning and growing environment.  
    • You’re not willing to invest the time and energy required to get the most of this weekend experience. 
    • You’re always 110% happy with the way things are and have all the support you need.
    • Your relationship is totally on the rocks and needs a complete overhaul.

    This is for You if…

    You are in a committed relationship as life partners living a life of purpose.

    You are creating something extraordinary with your partner, both personally and in the world.

    You wish that you and your partner had more outside support than each other and you each welcome the support of community and resources in your lives.

    You already have an awesome relationship and are excited to make it even better.
    Your relationship is as valuable as your life’s mission and you don’t always give it the same priority it needs and deserves.
    You’re sick of the battle of the sexes conversation and yearn to experience a new model of what’s possible.

    You live a big, somewhat public life and don’t have many places that you trust where you can let go, be yourself, get vulnerable and truly do the deep work you know is required of/for your greatness. 

    You spend much of your time supporting/leading others (and are damn good at it) but when you need that same kind of support for you and your relationship, you find that you don’t have many peers who hold you in the same way you hold others. 

    You recognize the importance of having   balance between your work and your relationship and welcome new tools that would encourage this for you and your beloved.
    You’re hungry for a tribe of peers at your level…. that get you and are able to support you.
    You’re eager to share your wisdom to empower and ignite this couples revolution.


    Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme


    Over the course of 2+ transformational days, you will be guided on an intimate, playful and thought-provoking journey with your beloved to uncover and discover new ways of being together.

    From the comfort of your home you will experience lively and vulnerable discussions, participate in personalized dialogue with other prolific experts, discover new tools that allow you to feel held, met and empowered, all while being uplifted, entertained and so much more. 

    Plus, everyone attending is a couple in love and on purpose!

    Peel back the curtain of highly evolved relationships and discover how high performing entrepreneurial couples make it work and what they do when it doesn’t.

    Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme

    what EDEN couples are saying…

    “As newlyweds in our second year of marriage, we’ve had some pretty heavy growth opportunities come up for us in the past six months. We’ve navigated changing work and financial situations, worthiness challenges and co-parenting differences with an ex-husband. Each one of these struggles could have torn us apart if we hadn’t had the support of the amazing couples community that is initiating the Eden Rising vision.

    To be loved in all of our flaws and upsets and learn from other couples who have successfully navigated the muddy waters we’ve found ourselves in, has been a huge saving grace for us. Having the support of both women and men to give us the perspective, tools and loving kick in the butt when we’ve needed it most is the reason we are thriving right now.

    Neither of us could have known that this is something we needed, but now, we can’t even imagine what life is like without this community of support and love.”

    - Michael & Ann Marie

    “As new parents, the support that my wife and I received thanks to being connected to the incredible couples in this community has been absolutely vital for us. We are deepening the level of our relationship in so many ways as we learn to raise our daughter consciously!

    We’ve attended several off-the-chart events from the creators of the Eden Rising Restival — these are the type of experiences that we had searched for years to find.

    They always create game-changing experiences and we’re so excited for the next level of this support with even more awesome couples to grow with.”

    - Cher & Morgan

    “One of the biggest challenges that we have faced over the years is in finding other couples who can support us on the level that we support others.

    While we are a part of many amazing, conscious communities and work with some of the biggest thought leaders & cutting edge artists and musicians, we were really looking for more of a peer group. People that are at a similar stage of life as us. We found that with Rono and Sierra and their couples community.

    We feel like we’ve finally met our match, found our long lost peers and discovered a tribe of incredibly evolved couples who we can share our challenges and wins with… and be met, held, loved and elevated by.

    The value of that plus having access to the plethora of amazing resources that a community of this caliber brings has increased both our relationship depth and our businesses.

    It’s a beautiful experience to be amongst a community of people who feel whole and connected while being powerfully on purpose. We are thrilled to be a part of this community of evolutionary couples.”

    - Priya & James

    “We just want to say how amazing this group of couples is and how deeply helpful and healing it is to have you conscious couples holding us both. As well as being a stand for our highest good individually and collectively. It feels like a rare privilege and I imagine a rare experience for most couples. It would be revolutionary for other couples to have this, like game-changing for relationships. We are so, so grateful for what you have created here. Love you.”  
    - Derek & Galit

    “As business partners and leaders of a spiritual community, deeply and passionately immersed in our work and mission we’ve found it challenging to take the time we truly need to be in relationship with each other and enjoy our love.

    In the past, our work would often take precedence over our romance and connection but in this past year, we’ve been immersed in the couple’s community that Rono & Sierra have lovingly curated and have rediscovered new ways of putting ourselves and our relationship first.

    As a result of the support we’ve received from this highly evolved community of couples, we were able to deepen our intimacy, open up to new levels of conversation and communication, create new, more aligned agreements with how we interact with each other (in the bedroom and the boardroom) and truly let down our guard to be supported through a huge up-leveling in our business and life.

    As leaders who support others for a living, we know all too well what it takes to hold a container of support for big personalities and alpha leaders. What we’ve experienced, who we’ve met and the opportunities we’ve gained from being part of this couple’s community has been one of the best investments of our time, energy and resources to date!

    Our greatest joy is to share this love with other amazing couples and to encourage you to come and be a part of this because it has been instrumental and monumental to our personal and professional evolution.”

    - Tracey & George

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you define a visionary couple?

    A visionary couple is defined as life partners on life purpose and that your life purpose is in some way focused on making this world a better place, by providing and focusing your work on innovative solutions to the challenges we face as a culture or race. 

    If you don’t know if you are a visionary couple or not, then this event may not be for you. That being said, we do have couples in the community that are simply amazing humans and want to be surrounded by other couples that are making a difference.

    Can I still come if I’m not in business with my partner?

    Yes. We know that not every couple who feels called to this message and gathering are entrepreneurial or working in a business together. You can still be sharing a vision for a better world and supporting each other in your separate vocations or passion projects.

    Do we need to be on camera for this event?

    You can decide throughout how much “facetime” you’d like to be available for, if any. That being said, we are an intimate and deeply connected community and we would very much appreciate seeing you and your beloved’s faces so we can get to know you better. Plus, we’ve found that it’s way more fun to see each other. (And we will be offering dress themes and other fun ways to shine our brightest selves throughout this experience)


    In Eden we practice the art of “supra-sexuality”. Which means we keep it sexy but not sexual. Although our members are diverse in their relational status, from monogamous to polyamorous. When you are in Eden we are here to be with your beloved and learn and grow with them. What you do on your own time is your business.

    How we hold one another in Eden is very specific. There is NO sexual “play with others” outside of your relationship allowed at any Eden event.

    Can I attend without my partner?

    This event is for couples and we will be offering experiences and exercises that you will need your partner present for. Not having them with you defeats the purpose of this event. You can, however be in different locations and participate together. Just let us know in advance so we can pair you together.

    Do I need to attend every session?

    While this entire weekend experience is designed as an arc or journey, and for that reason we encourage you to be with us as much as you can to gain the full benefit and connections available to your partnership, you are only required to attend 3 sessions, #1, #2 and #5.

    Are kids allowed?

    While this gathering is designed to give you the time and space to connect with your partner without distractions and be able to go deep into your relationship, we understand that your kids are home with you and that you most likely don’t have a sitter.

    That being said, we will do our best to work with you and this so that you can still attend and we will be putting partners with kids together so that you can collectively support (and be supported in) what’s needed to be present and still have your kids around.

    How will the sessions be delivered?

    Each session will take place via a Zoom conference line. You will receive all the access info via email once you’ve registered.

    If you have never used Zoom before you will need to download the app. We recommend participating from a laptop or ipad (over a smartphone) so you can see more of us on the screen at once.  You can also dial in if that is your only option.

    What happens if we miss a session? Will there be a replay?

    Replays of our daily sessions are only available for Eden Sanctuary members, except for the Friday night Orientation & Mixer video. As this session is required to attend the rest of the weekend, this will be available approximately one hour after the session ends. If you choose to become a Sanctuary member you will have access to these recordings as well as our growing library of content and resources.

    What do I need to prepare for in each session?

    Once you’ve made the choice to join us and completed the registration process, you will be emailed a very detailed document that outlines everything you’ll need to know. Including what to bring, wear and be prepared for each session. 

    We are sticklers for details and communications so you can count on us to give you the full scoop to make sure you are fully prepared in all ways to make your time at Eden the most amazing it can be.

    What we will be doing the whole time?

    We have a comprehensive weekend schedule listed in the sections above that we encourage you to read and discover what’s in store.

    We aim to make each session interactive, dynamic and will also include some simple physical movement at various times to give your body what it needs to receive the magic and potency of the experience. We plan to make this as yummy as an experience as possible and not have you “sitting” for long periods of time.  

    What DOES MY TICKET include?

    The entire 2+ day virtual experience with access to all sessions, high level connections and a massive up-leveling to your relationship and outlook on life. As well as an opportunity to join our Sanctuary membership at a discounted rate.

    Reserve Your Spot + Check Out This Months Theme


    Our Eden Concierge is standing by if you have any questions or need specific support regarding technology, help in making a decision or regarding your purchase. Please reach out to us directly:

    Concierge (at) EdenWorld.org
    or Text or Call 442-222-2346