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“JOE: What I love about Eden is that it has helped me become aware of how much personal development there is inside of a relationship. I come from a paradigm of if it’s not working, you run to the next one. By being in Eden, I’ve learned how to really see my relationship as a crucible for personal transformation, for me to grow and expand into the king and the man and the servant to the world that I aspire to be. It’s a gift greater than I ever could have imagined. “

“KELLY:  We had no idea the depth that we would understand in our relationship due to how raw and real everybody was in Eden. It helped me see that, Oh, we’re all going through the same shit, and we can all hold each other since we all have tools and experiences to share! It was amazing to be able to play games to express our desires and develop a shared relationship vision so we could understand each other at deeper levels.

Being part of the Eden community makes me feel that no matter what we go through in our relationship, I know we have friends that will have our backs to hold our love through anything. “

- Kelly & Joe

“Paula: I have sisterhoods that I seriously treasure and yet I’ve never been part of a community where couples are this deeply connected with each other. When we walked into Eden Rising, the love that was coming off of people was palpable…not just in their ‘couple-ness’, but in their outward service’ to the community itself. In other words, Eden members really wanted to see us succeed and I was enamored by that.  I also was attracted to the amount of deep thinkers in this group. It’s rare that a conversation sits on the surface here. Instead, it goes straight down deep and I love that!  How rare is it to be in a space filled with so much visible love and deep introspective thinking? I believe Eden is part love fiesta, part self-reflection and part entertainment/music festival all rolled up in one.  

Paul: In society, it feels like we really promote relationships and we really promote marriage and we promote all of this kind of shit, but as something to get — and what we don’t as a society promote is love. It feels like love is left out. I don’t even think anyone mentions it.  And Eden is the only place I have ever been where it’s like “Oh, yeah!” — It’s just this space of love… in every pair and every couple, in every pod, everybody is sitting there and it’s like “Oh, man! Just being around all these people in love is something so freaking extraordinary.” 

- Paul & Paula

“Elie: I don’t think I’ve had a community that I felt so connected and supported by, and not just only for myself but, as a couple, by other couples. It’s just really, really amazing. Our first Eden was really inspirational. I was like “WOW, so many cool people and coupledom” and they’re all evolving together? The second one we attended, our relationship was on the edge. It was probably the worst situation I could imagine us in, and I didn’t have much spaciousness to connect with people. But it was just such a magical environment, you know? Where I felt really held. I didn’t share so much, but I felt really held. We felt held. 

And of course we came out of that retreat solid and more connected than before we walked in, so I can’t be more thankful to this community and to Eden Rising. I think that all the couples who want to level up – should all be here. “

“Destin: Community is not always the easiest thing for me and yet at the same time I have been blessed with an incredible community in my adult life. I somehow keep finding myself surrounded by wonderful, incredible people and community and yet I have held onto a really strong lone wolf way of being that tends to sit at the edge. 

Eden is the community I want to be in. I just want to be right here. I am so “On”, for so many people, all fucking day, day after day, and I’m really good at it… but I need my places where I can fall apart. As some of you have known — I mean, I do. “Okay, I can fall apart here!”

- Destin & Elie

Imagine experiencing…

Celebration of Your Love

Eden is a place where your “Coupledom” is not only celebrated but upheld as sacred.

Solid Hang Time

Solid hang time, in a couples only environment, with cool ass people that you cannot wait to spend more time with. There is nothing quite like it.

A Slice of Heaven on Earth While in Quarantine.

A virtual “Eden Festival” to bring us together for the experience of deep love and connection. Awesome couples hanging out together for the weekend, having meaningful conversations about their relationship, getting sexy and having fun! Take a break from your “home life” and experience the garden of Eden in your living room.

Lifelong Connections

New friends & business connections made that will enrich you for years to come – on all levels.

Honest Dialogue

Open and honest dialogues about challenges we face as couples. Giving you insights and clarity that allows you to see that you are not alone in what you feel or experience. Together we will find solutions that empower the whole.

Enriching Conversations

Enriching conversations with other couples who’ve “been there and made it to the other side.” Sharing tools and learning from each other’s expertise, knowledge and life lessons.

Being Held

The feeling of being held in the proverbial arms of other awakened men and women who see you, get you and can offer you listening and reflections that you may not be able to hear from your partner.

This is for You if…

You are in a committed relationship as life partners living a life of purpose.

You are creating something extraordinary with your partner, both personally and in the world.

You spend much of your time supporting/leading others (and are damn good at it) but when you need that same kind of support for you and your relationship, you find that you don’t have many peers who hold you in the same way you hold others. 

You already have an awesome relationship and are excited to make it even better.
Your relationship is as valuable as your life’s mission and you don’t always give it the same priority it needs and deserves.

You wish that you and your partner had more outside support than each other and you each welcome the support of community and resources in your lives.

You wish that your partner had more outside support than just you and you welcome community and resources to accommodate that.

You live a big, somewhat public life and don’t have many places that you trust where you can let go, be yourself, get vulnerable and truly do the deep work you know is required of/for your greatness. 

You’re eager to share your wisdom to empower and ignite this couples revolution.
You recognize the importance of having   balance between your work and your relationship and welcome new tools that would encourage this for you and your beloved.
You’re hungry for a tribe of peers at your level…. that get you and are able to support you.
You’re sick of the battle of the sexes conversation and yearn to experience a new model of what’s possible.


Every person that attends an Eden experience has been nominated by someone in the existing community for your dedication and commitment to being the best you can be, both in your relationship and in the world. This highly curated guest list is only for committed couples who have been on a solid path of personal growth, self-responsibility and open-hearted relating. 

You are here because you see great value participating in a community of conscious couples and amazing souls and desire to have that community support you and your relationship. You recognize the immense value of your relationship in tandem with your mission and you desire to enjoy and evolve both to their highest potential. 

You recognize that it’s time to be a part of something bigger and to bring your talents, resources and knowledge forth in a co-operative, co-created couples focused environment that exponentially increases your value, vision and vocation.

If this is you, we call you forth to bring your awesomeness and be a part of Eden Rising Virtual with us. It simply won’t be the same without you.

What’s Included?

Over the course of 2+ transformational days, you will be guided on an intimate, playful and thought-provoking journey with your beloved to uncover and discover new ways of being together.

From the comfort of your home you will experience lively and vulnerable discussions, participate in personalized dialogue with other prolific experts, discover new tools that allow you to feel held, met and empowered, all while being uplifted, entertained and so much more. 

Plus, everyone attending is a couple in love and on purpose!

flow / schedule

Opening Ceremonies
5:30 – 7:00pm PST
A time to connect, create a safe container, make agreements, and set intentions. During this session we’ll dive deeply into what it means to be ‘Eden’ and how to create a strong container of truth and harmony for this weekend.

Session 1: Money, Power, and Purpose 
10:00 – 11:30am PST
Come to this session to experience more of your sovereignty and stability during these uncertain times where guest experts and fellow Edenites dive into the ‘hot’ topics of money, power, and purpose. Enter a conversation about how high performing entrepreneurial couples make it work, and what they do when it doesn’t.

Session 2: Relationship & Communication Tools for Evolutionaries
1:00 – 2:30pm PST

Participate with our guest experts and your fellow Edenites to learn how to become more connected, more united, and more in love during this critical time. We’ll share high-level relationship and communication tools so you can avoid arguing and instead focus on profound healing and evolutionary growth.

Special Session: Epic Saturday Night: Eden After Hours ‘Date Night’
6:00 – 7:30pm PST

Eden after hours is a guided experience where you’ll get your sexy on with your beloved. Bring more fun, aliveness and pleasure into your life during this magical, and dare we say, epic date night. This session will be designed so that you can watch the replay together when you are ready to start your date night.

Session 3: Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary Love
10:00 – 11:30am PST

What if relationship was more than just figuring out ways to meet each other’s needs? Come have an enlivening conversation about how to create a relationship that becomes a crucible for your transformation as you dance on your evolutionary edge with each other. Peel back the curtain of highly evolved relationships – come ready to learn and share.

Session 4: From Sovereignty to Unity to COMMUNITY!
1:00 – 3:00pm PST

Come to our Sunday revival where together, we’ll lay the groundwork for what was experienced over these few days together and move it from being cool experiences and great learning, to being an integrated part of how you live, love, and grow. Come ready to be inspired, enlivened, and supported by this incredible community.


In this age, the masculine and feminine archetypes within ourselves, our relationships, and our culture are coming into balance after a millennia of shadow and wounding. We are in a new Renaissance that is radically changing the way we live and work.

In a time of crisis, like the one we are all facing together now, we have a choice. Do we come together and bring out each other’s best; our most loving, most courageous, most conscious, and most healed selves or do we allow fear to cloud our judgment, separate us from each other and color what we think is possible for the future? Coming to this event is a vote for the former in a community of people you can trust will have your back and will hold love as our most sacred value.

Eden is the place we will discover, together, how to be the change we’re all wanting to see in the world. We know you have plenty of tools, community and resources that have gotten you this far. Now is the time for couples-based leadership to rise.

When couples, who are already doing extraordinary work in the world make time to focus on their love, intimacy and connection, the entire world receives the benefit.
The genesis of two sovereign beings standing in unity for our universal community is Eden Rising.

We invite you to come into wholeness with self and others, through the evolution of partnership consciousness.

And really, given who you are and what you are up to, why wouldn’t you be there?

Eden is the ultimate playground for like-minded souls to elevate their partnership, projects and passions to the next level and be a beacon of light for the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kids allowed?

While this gathering is designed to give you the time and space to connect with your partner without distractions and be able to go deep into your relationship, we understand that your kids are home with you and that you most likely don’t have a sitter.

That being said, we will do our best to work with you and this so that you can still attend and we will be putting partners with kids together so that you can collectively support (and be supported in) what’s needed to be present and still have your kids around.

Do I need to attend every session?

While this entire weekend experience is designed as an arc or journey, and for that reason we encourage you to be with us as much as you can to gain the full benefit and connections available to your partnership, you are not required to attend every session.

Do we need to be on camera for this event?

You can decide throughout how much “facetime” you’d like to be available for, if any. That being said, we are an intimate and deeply connected community and we would very much appreciate seeing you and your beloved’s faces so we can get to know you better. Plus, we’ve found that it’s way more fun to see each other. (And we will be offering dress themes and other fun ways to shine our brightest selves throughout this experience)


What we will be doing the whole time?

We have a comprehensive weekend schedule listed in the sections above that we encourage you to read and discover what’s in store.

Each session will be interactive, dynamic and will also include some simple physical movement at various times to give your body what it needs to receive the magic and potency of our content. We plan to make this as yummy as an experience as possible and not have you “sitting” for long periods of time.  

What does my investment include?

The entire 2+ day virtual experience with access to all sessions, high level connections and a massive up-leveling to your relationship and outlook on life.

Can I still come if I’m not in business with my partner?

Yes. We know that not every couple who feels called to this message and gathering are entrepreneurial or working in a business together. You can still be sharing a vision for a better world and supporting each other in your separate vocations or passion projects.

Can I attend without my partner?

This event is for couples and we will be offering experiences and exercises that you will need your partner present for. Not having them with you defeats the purpose of this event.  You can, however be in different locations and participate together. Just let us know in advance so we can pair you together.

How will the sessions be delivered?

Each session will take place via a Zoom conference line. You will receive all the access info via email once you’ve registered. If you have never used Zoom before you will need to download the app. We recommend participating from a laptop or ipad (over a smartphone) so you can see more of us on the screen at once.  You can also dial in if that is your only option.

Does everyone get the same experience no matter what level ticket they buy?

 Yes. We rely on the generosity of our Patrons to help subsidize couples who may need a little extra financial support to attend. We’ve intentionally priced this event at a special “pandemic” friendly price (way below our usual pricing structures) with three options to choose from so that couples who feel called to attend are able to make it work and still gain the benefit of the whole experience regardless of what they paid. 

What happens if we miss a session? Will there be a replay?

All replays of our daily sessions will be posted by the end of each day on a special website that you will have access to for the duration of the event and for one week after.

Can you define a visionary couple?

A visionary couple is defined as life partners on life purpose and that your life purpose is in some way focused on making this world a better place, by providing and focusing your work on innovative solutions to the challenges we face as a culture or race. 

If you don’t know if you are a visionary couple or not, then this event may not be for you.

Can I still come if I’m not in business with my partner?

Yes. We know that not every couple who feels called to this message and gathering are entrepreneurial or working in a business together. You can still be sharing a vision for a better world and supporting each other in your separate vocations or passion projects.

What do I need to prepare for in each session?

Once you’ve made the choice to join us and completed the registration process, you will be emailed a very detailed document that outlines everything you’ll need to know. Including what to bring, wear and be prepared for each session. 

We are sticklers for details and communications so you can count on us to give you the full scoop to make sure you are fully prepared in all ways to make your time at Eden the most amazing it can be.

Is there a payment plan available?

We’ve intentionally priced this event at a special “pandemic” friendly price (way below our usual pricing structures) with three options to choose from so that the couples who feel called to attend are able to make it work. For that reason and due to the short window between when you can buy a ticket and when the event is, we are not able to offer a payment plan. 




Rono & Sierra

Rono & Sierra are often described as a dynamic duo and transformational force who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting women & couples in awakening their highest potential and realigning their north star to create powerful evolutions in life, love and spirituality.

Sharing over 30 years of adventure together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, change agents, ceremony facilitators, pleasure provocateurs and ambassadors of fun, Rono & Sierra are known for creating extraordinary experiences and powerful containers to catalyze one’s dreams and desires.

As curators of magic and mischief, they have a knack for magnetizing high frequency, conscious people who seek playful and profound experiences in which to enrich their lives.

By attending a Rono & Sierra experience, you will walk away with deeper knowledge of who you truly are, clarity on what is the most fun and aligned pathway for you to walk and an expansive feeling in your heart for just how sweet and juicy life can be.

VOIces For Love

George & Tracey

What sets George and Tracey apart is the love they infuse in everything they do, speak, teach, and create. Modern-day Mystics and “Spiritual Ignitors,” their mission is to “Elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet by shifting the conversations happening on the inside and out.” Together they founded the 501c3 “Voices For Love” and help spiritually- inclined, heart-centered entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, speakers, authors and difference-makers to live fully alive, be fully on purpose, and feel fully expressed by embodying your divinity and embracing your humanness – without ego and without apology.

With a combined 50 years of experience on stage and leading transformation, these seasoned entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, corporate and master trainers, Leadership and Conscious Communication experts, co-lead the “Amazing Life” community and advanced leadership programs, as well as co-host live experiences, workshops, retreats and group programs. They also host the daily podcast “The Prosperity Playground™.”



Our Eden Concierge is standing by if you have any questions or need specific support regarding technology, help in making a decision or regarding your purchase.

Please reach out to us directly.