You are the source of everything in your life.

What does the essence of giving mean to you?

Giving Frequency is recognizing that you already possess everything you need. Nothing can be taken from you, and nothing needs to be added. However, the true richness of your existence can only be experienced through the act of giving, guided by the law of circulation.

The core of giving is like a tree sharing its roots. Just as a tree cannot thrive without its core, you too must have before you can give. And if you possess without giving, it stagnates. It’s the law of circulation; a beautiful cycle – have, give, receive, have, give, receive. 


In this circulation, life thrives, and wherever there’s life, there’s abundance.

You Are the Source

When something seems lacking in your relationships or life, always return to the truth that you are the source. You hold the key to experiencing more abundance in love, opportunities, creativity, and beyond. 

Try circulating it within your community, share it with your partner, and nourish it within yourself.


It’s intriguing how being generous is, in a way, selfish. 


When you withhold your emotions, they diminish. Sharing them not only replenishes you but also multiplies the gift. This concept extends beyond the tangible – it’s an energetic truth.

Think of a fruit tree. Its fruit isn’t its wealth; it’s a symbol of abundance. 

Farmers understand that as long as the law of circulation principle is alive, the tree will yield more fruit. If they cling to the fruit, it would rot, and the tree’s abundance would dwindle. 


Similarly, by generating and circulating your gifts rather than hoarding them, you magnify and multiply their presence in your life. It returns to you manifold.


Embrace the principle of “Giving Frequency” and watch your life flourish with abundance, joy, and love. 🌟 

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Unlock the path to a more fulfilled and enriched life. Give, receive, and watch the magic of abundance unfold before your relationships.


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