The Art of Suprasexuality

By Sierra Sullivan

Why is sex one of the most controversial topics on the planet?

What is sex, why is it sinful or why is it sacred?

Why is the topic of sex a challenge for many relationships?

This person wants too much sex, this person is scared of sex, this person is… (fill in the blank).

The stories, the lore, the impressions that it leaves on humanity are staggering.

As one of the main founders of Eden World and someone that guides women to reclaim their sacred portals in my womens work, I’ve been part of numerous conversations around the distinctions between sex, sexuality and the sacred. 

And here in Eden, it’s been a very worthwhile exploration and discussion to have because of our commitment to keeping our connections intimate and loving without them turning sexual.

Every part of Eden’s container is designed for expression of self and in order to do that it has to create safety for everyone involved. This safety and our commitment to having sexy but not sexual experiences comes from the concept of Suprasexuality.

Many people, when first discovering the intimacy created here in The Sanctuary, have a hard time grocking that a group of conscious couples can connect deeply with one another in settings where there may be turn on or edgy topics being explored and have it NOT be about being sexual and not be some sort of swingers club or sex orgy. (FYI, in case you missed the memo, we are not and never will be either of these things.)**

Some wonder, “how is this possible?” because there are open dialogs about sexy, sensual and sometimes kinky topics and we are considered to be a sex-positive community… which means we celebrate and don’t shy away from conscious communication around sex and sensuality.

Pair that with the fact that we are also a community of diverse couples from all walks of life, relationship types and expressions and you might understand how this could be confusing at first for some. Especially given that here in western society (the US in particular) there aren’t a lot of positive models, resources, education or couples based communities that are safe and celebratory of sexual expression without being sexual within our relations with one another.

Instead, from my experience, the current mindset and understanding of sexuality comes from societal roots that have been steeped in puritanical, religious and patriarchal values that often shun, shame or outright condemn many forms of sexual and sensual expression. For these reasons and more, much of what many of us learned growing up (if we learned anything at all) may have a lot of missing and important information on healthy, conscious and sacred sexuality. 

When a new couple first gets exposed to the openness and intimate nature of our conversations and connections and the playful expressions of our members in general, it can sometimes be very confronting which may bring about judgements, fears or stories.

How can this amount of openness of conversation and intimate sharing, exploration and connection exist within Eden and still be a place where couples are NOT sleeping with other couples?

It’s because at the core of the Eden World community and leadership, we practice The Art of Supersexuality… which I am grateful to be able to share more explicitly with you all here and bring you into the understanding and practice with us.

The term Suprasexuality comes from the gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor and his dozens of books on the subject, including the Perfect Matrimony. In the 1950s, Weor became the first person to reveal the esoteric secret about sex that was hidden in all the world’s great religions.

Weor presents that “Suprasexuality is the result of sexual transmutation. Christ, Buddha, Dante, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, and many other great masters were suprasexual. The two great aspects of sexuality are called generation and regeneration.”

In recent years the term was re-popularized by Futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard in her 2009 book: The Suprasexual rEvolution: A Radical Path to 2012 and Beyond where she brings forth the idea of taking our natural propensity toward procreation through sex to a whole other level.

“Whereas sex stimulates us to join genes to reproduce ourselves, Suprasex attracts us to join genius to evolve ourselves and co-create a new Humanity.”

The overall concept of Suprasexuality from the perspective of Eden is that we have an opportunity to take whatever perceived or real sexual energies that arise in our interactions with others (that we might feel confused about or unsure how to direct) and transmute it toward co-creation vs. procreation.

As a community, we often create opportunities and experiences that expand our understanding of these energetics to internally and responsibly press edges to allow for any shame and discomfort to rise up to heal. 

We are a community of couples and we know that things can get hot and steamy as we encourage couples to be playful and sexy with their partners. All of this is with a “keep it classy” agreement so that if you decide to engage in any sexual behavior with your partner, you are requested to keep it private by taking it back to your bedroom (if at a live event) or being off camera if at a virtual event.

In addition to these agreements and rules of engagement, educating our membership about the concept of Suprasexuality, offers us all a chance to have a common understanding and language on how to use our sexual energies responsibly and for a purpose greater than our own sexual satisfaction.

Our inquiry as a whole is…

How can we use any sexually charged energies safely and intentionally?

How can we transmute those energies into expressions that deepen our awareness, increase our capacity for love to foster greater connection with one another and maintain intimacy with each other?

How can we use this sustenance to be professionally creative verses procreative in nature, plus bring back any extra energy to our beloved?

How do we as humans, learn to be free to experience joy, love and pleasure without it having to mean something… especially something sexual?

Can we allow evolution and the energies of our primal drives and desires to create more expansion and potency for our lives, partnerships and life visions?

The safety and sanctity of our community and “container” rests in our collective commitment to the health, happiness and honoring of every member’s relationship. Which means that as a community, we are here to uphold (and to actually hold) every couple within this community. So, if there is any excitement activated by any other person or experience within Eden it’s for the sole purpose to take these energies and use them to deepen with your partner for greater growth and evolution of your partnership. 

We often hear from our guests and members the tremendous gratitude for how calm their nervous systems feel within Eden because when you know your partnership is held as sacred, and that no one is trying to “get with” or sleep with your partner, there is a level of trust and safety that occurs and allows more freedom of expression.

While nothing is ever perfect and being human comes with all sorts of opportunities for messy growth, we have become more skilled in navigating anything that might get “fuzzy” within our connections by coming back to our 12 Eden World Principles to guide us through the uncomfortable feelings or conversations that need to be had. (Something that the world at large is just now getting a chance to get better at doing thanks to Covid and the need to ask more questions and responsibly share your needs and expectations.)

Overall, our mission at Eden is to create more expansive and healthy partnerships so that we can deepen into our own personal evolutions as we heal and clear out old traumas or wounds that might otherwise be in the way of our personal expression and our ability to open our hearts to receive and give more love.

Imagine leveraging all the power that sexual energy holds and harnessing it to create a more loving and supportive world? That’s the opportunity we have here in Eden World, and we’re honored to be shifting the narrative so that we can indeed return to the proverbial Garden of Eden where our innocence and freedom to frolic can be restored.


** What our members do in their private life is their choice and not for Eden to judge or control. In fact we celebrate whatever expression you choose for your coupleship. That being said, sexual relations with people who are outside of your relationship is not something we explore during any Eden sponsored gatherings that are virtual or in-person. There are plenty of other communities that encourage “sexual play” with others. Eden World and Eden Sanctuary is not that.