Death & Letting Go


Nobody gets out alive.

Rather than be afraid of it, how do we make death a friend

All of us face loss in a variety of ways throughout our life. It’s a natural part of the planetary cycles & the karmic rhythms of growth & transition on this planet.

We lose important things such as jobs, homes, animals, aspects of our health and our youth. And more importantly, we lose loved ones.

How do we adequately equip ourselves for the inevitability of loss and death?

Is it possible to not only prepare for loss (to the best of our ability), but to create a new relationship with it & embrace it fully with love?

And is it possible to even learn to love loss?

Experience a transformative weekend with us where you will:

  • Delve beyond society’s traditional views on death and discover a fresh perspective.

  • Equip yourself with ways to gracefully manage life’s unforeseen turns.

  • Gain insight into the sacred journey of grief, embracing its invaluable lessons.

  • Embrace and prepare for our own ultimate transition, while guiding loved ones through theirs.

Don’t just confront loss – understand and embrace it.

Join Rono & Sierra, with special guests, John & Luis!



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